I'm in the process of buying my safe. Currently I keep my guns locked in a case but I think my collection is expanding to the point I need a safe for convenience. My problem is that I have a hard time finding a safe that would fit at least 5 midsize to large frame handguns. (I only have 3 right now but I'm sure it doesn't stop there!)

Does anyone here have any suggestions for a handgun safe? It doesn't have to be a "gun safe" brand such as Fort Knox, Patriot, Cannon, etc; I'm not opposed to something like a Sentry but I have no idea if any of the Sentry floor safes can carry 5+ guns. I would also like to keep it as light as possible, fire protection is not high on my list right now, my main goal is to get one that is not diffucult to take to my room on the 2nd floor and possibly carry out easily if I move. Thanks!