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Glock 26 or S&W 642

This is a discussion on Glock 26 or S&W 642 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just saw that you're in Alaska..I hope you don't plan on shooting polar bears w/ that little gun...... it would just make him angry....

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Thread: Glock 26 or S&W 642

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    I just saw that you're in Alaska..I hope you don't plan on shooting polar bears w/ that little gun...... it would just make him angry.
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    Polar bears aren't a big issue in Southcentral Alaska, it's the black and brown bears I have to worry about. I do have a 12 gauge Remington 870 for such a purpose, if I ever choose to go hiking.
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    The most carried firearm in the ccw community is the j-frame revolver or a clone of it...
    You will never be disappointed with one...many people carry other things...but sooner or end up with a j-frame.
    simple, 100 percent reliable, and built to last forever.
    you might have guessed my vote is for the j-frame.
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    For pocket or ankle, the 642 is the correct answer.

    If you're going to be going IWB or OWB, the Glock 26 would be the best choice.

    The Glock 26 will shoot great out and beyond 25 yards, where the snubby is really an up close and personal type gun, IMHO.

    Both are great guns, and I own both(my 642 is actually a 340PD), but I find myself carrying the snubby the majority of the time. I find that I can carry my Glock 19 just as easy as the 26, and have more rounds and a longer grip to hold onto.
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    I carry the 26, and it was my first handgun. Im not that great or experienced a shooter, but I can perform surgery with it at 25 yards. I also carry a 340 pd with the titanium cylinder. Its less accurate at that range, although it got better when I had the trigger test lowered. It comes at 12 lbs, I got it down to 9, and I can hit really well at ten or fifteen, but 25 yards Im no good with it.
    The 26 of course has more round capacity, and is more accesorisable (sp?).

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    Try the 642, it has a smaller grip, I had trouble with it 'numbing' my hand after firing only a few shots. Accurate as the Glock though.
    Your experience may be different...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynameisFred View Post
    For ankle carry or pocket carry - S&W 642.

    For the 10-15 yard accuracy the Glock 26 easily.
    I agree. The 642 makes a good pocket gun. I have one in my pocket right now and I can't even feel it's there. However, if you're looking for something that will be a lot easier to shoot at 15 yards go with the Glock. I think both are good choices in a firearm. It just comes down to what you want to use it for. Best of luck in your decision!

    Edited to add: I also wanted to add that I have pretty large hands and my 642 chews my hand all up when I shoot it much. Which may be something for you to consider.
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    The only area in which the 642 beats the G26, is weight. Otherwise, the G26 is superior in every meaningful way. Get a 642, load it with the FBI load, and take it out to the range along with a G26, and compare the two. The Glock is more durable, every bit as reliable (maybe moreso, as it doesn't have a lock), doubles to triples the firepower, is much easier to shoot accurately, and has much less felt recoil. I've owned two 642, and a 340 M&P, and they're great in a pocket, but ultimately, I know that if I ever had to use a small CCW firearm in a defensive situation, I'd much prefer the G26. Didn't someone once say, "comforting, not comfortable"?
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    Dont forget with the Centennial series you can grip the firearm higher on the backstrap since theres no hammer or slide blocking the way this helps absorb the recoil and makes follow up shots quicker.
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    Sounds like the OP is going with the j-frame, which is a solid choice.
    As others have stated, the j-frame vs G26 is really apples to oranges...

    The easiest gun I have ever carried is a j-frame. I consider the j-frame a last-ditch, get-off-me gun.
    The G26 is super easy to conceal on the belt (IWB) and I consider that a more capable in a "gunfight" weapon.

    Both winners!
    OP, lets see some pics and review....once you get up and running!

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    OOOooo... I hope the OP got up and running by now. He originally posted almost 6 years ago.
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    Both are great handguns but have somewhat different purposes as some of the others said! Personally I like the 442 oover the 642 but I would add the LCR to list especially if you are going with the ankle carry. BTW, years ago I tried ankle carrying the G-26. That did not last long! It felt like a brick strapped to my ankle! Good luck!
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    Even tho THIS thread is 6 years old, there are SO SO SO many new folks on this sight that are reading and hunting info for their own needs that I am grateful that these threads are left active.
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    The thread may be old, but the question is still valid.

    My answer is that I have both. I have a G26 and a S&W 638. I carry them both separately under different circumstances and together with the j-frame as a bug.

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    I lucked out and found a new 642 without the lock. I also have the G26. I love them both.

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