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Thread: My first carry weapon

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    Have you looked at the Browning High Power? If you like the 1911 platform and 9mm, it might be right up your alley. It has a similar feel and manual of arms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lebvette View Post
    Yeah, I would...... but in my first question I stated I wanted a 4 inch barrel. As you know, the EMP only has a 3 inch.
    I figure if I'm going to spend a thousand dollars on a pistol....I going to try and get what I want......try anyway. The barrel length and the fact I want it to be S/S are more important than the caliber. If I have to go with a .45 I would probably be better off in the end, but for some reason I'm stuck on the 9mm. I guess...that's from being a newbie.
    Since the whole pistol buying thing is new to you, may I suggest finding a range that rents pistols, and trying both some 1911 variants as well as something along the lines of a Glock, S&W M&P, Springfield XD, or Sig?

    You might find that what you prefer from static research and what you prefer on the firing line are 2 different things.

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    I'm gonna have to say "you go for it". Those 9mm Colt 1911's whether Commander or Government Model are uncommon but they represent a really practical, dependable, and elegant way to do 9mm and they are out there. They do shoot really nice. I know some folks who have them. Got to spend some time with a Government Model 9mm not too long ago and enjoyed it's unique temperment.

    The Colt is nice and is worth it in my view but a 1911 clone could do the trick as well. I like the fine single action trigger the 1911 design offers and prefer carrying such a pistol in "condition one". Warning: geezerness ahead! I'd actually prefer the 1911 platform in 9mm over the later GlockSIGKahrCZH&KTaurusM&PBerettaXD 9mm guns. Only the great Browning Hi-Power would be another contender in my feeble mind.

    A RIG-rag is your friend. A rag treated with RIG (Rust Inhibiting Grease) that is kept handy to wipe down the carry piece at day's end make owning blued guns a delight. Only takes a second and the gun is worth the attention. If a fellow can't find the set-up he desires in stainless steel perhaps a blued gun would be satisfactory. I prefer them myself.

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    STI Gaurdian seems to fit what your looking for. It is a little pricy, but I don't know what price range your looking at.

    STI International, Inc.

    You might also want to look at the CZ75 Compact, 3.9" brl, 15+1 rounds, capable of carrying cocked and locked, available in SS. Very accurate and well built guns.
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    You might be able to find Star in 9mm

    Spainish copy of a 1911 without the grip safety if you really want a 9mm 1911
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    I appreciate all your help.
    It looks like the 4 inch barrel is going to be a hazzle. I think going the .45 is the best way to get what I want.
    I have joined a gun club, and I will handle and shoot a few different pistols before I actually lay out the money, but I think the Commander, Champion type pistol is what I want. I'll just have to pay a little more to shoot it over a 9mm.
    I plan to shoot a lot with it. Although, many of us are great shots with a rifle....a pistol is a whole new game for me, so as many of you have said....practice, practice, practice.
    I would like to think you were very helpfull. Lots of knowledge here.
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    You're going to be hard pressed to find something with all those features.

    The 9mm platform was designed to shoot .45 and IMO is should stay that way. Reliability is the issue with 1911s and changing things just makes it worse.

    +1 to the recommendation for shopping around. Don't limit yourself, you may find something that you really like. Remember there are lots of finishes out there that are just as durable as stainless.

    ETA: I see you're starting to see the light! Good luck to you Larry. Find something you like and train, train, train. Welcome to Defensive Carry.

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    Do a bunch of research prior to buying is my reccommendation.
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    While you are shooting some different pistols, give the High Power a try. Like the 1911, it is the design of John Moses Browning, of immortal memory. In fact, in the High Power, he tried to perfect what he began with the 1911. And it was designed from the ground up to chamber 9mm. If you ask what a 9mm 1911 should be, Browning's answer was the High Power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadrunner View Post
    Have you looked at the Browning High Power? If you like the 1911 platform and 9mm, it might be right up your alley. It has a similar feel and manual of arms.
    I agree with roadrunner. The browning Hi-power will run you around 600-700 and it was design for 9mm, can be carried cocked and locked just like a 1911. It is another perfect design from JMB. Remember that the barrel length isn't the hard part to conceal, its the grip.
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    The brand new Kimber Catalog shows the following 9mm 4" barrel 1911s:
    Stainless Pro Carry II (New)
    Pro Carry II
    Tactical Pro II
    Pro Aegis II
    I have the Pro Aegis II and really like it. Dennis

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    Quote Originally Posted by matdicdad View Post
    Looking for a 9 mm, I would look at a Kahr P9. It's pretty simple and not too expensive.
    You are so right.....I went and tried on a lot of pistols yesterday. Picked up the p9 and it fit me like a glove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lebvette View Post
    You are so right.....I went and tried on a lot of pistols yesterday. Picked up the p9 and it fit me like a glove.
    Well, if you're leaning towards a Kahr, the K9 may float your boat. Much like the P9 but steel frame. Very nice pistol IMO. I have the baby sister, the MK9.

    Otherwise, I have been looking around, and it looks like Para Ordnance has a commander size model in .40 cal with the LDA trigger. I know you are looking for 9mm, but just throwing it out there. They do have 1911's in 9mm, just full size or 3" though.

    There are some opinions about Para for sure, I would do a search on the board if you don't know already. I like mine even though it doesn't like me :)

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