I joined the 1911 ranks today....

I joined the 1911 ranks today....

This is a discussion on I joined the 1911 ranks today.... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just got my first 1911 today. It is a Rock Island Armory 1911A1 Model CS. This is the compact version with a 3 1/2 ...

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Thread: I joined the 1911 ranks today....

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    I joined the 1911 ranks today....

    I just got my first 1911 today. It is a Rock Island Armory 1911A1 Model CS. This is the compact version with a 3 1/2 tapered bull barrel. I hope that it turns outs to be a reliable shooter that can be counted on for CC. I know that some folks swear that you should stay away from the short barreled 1911s. Anyway I took a gamble on it. Hopefully I will shoot it in the next few days and I will let you guys know how it performed. I have some pics but I have no idea how to post them. Could I email them to someone who could help?
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    Congratulations! Welcome to the club! I hope it works great for you. Odds are in your favor. You can open up an account like "photobucket" and upload your pictures there, or where it says "manage attachments" (when you're posting) click that and then upload your pictures that way if they're not too big.


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    Congrats on the new pistol. RIA is a good choice and I doubt you will have any problems with the one you have chosen. I've had several of the RIAs', and had no problems. As a matter of fact I'm looking at a full size in 38 super right now.
    Change the recoil springs a little more often and you should have no problems.
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    Congrats let us know how it works for ya

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    Now you've been bitten. Good luck with that. Now you need a Brownell's 1911 catalog to pick out all of the wizzie gizzies to make it "just a littli better". Beware though...you will now spend countless unproductive hours gazing at everything 1911.

    Welcome to the club.
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    I like mine and it's been very reliable. Here's a review of my Charles Daly which is the same gun as yours. RIA makes Daly 1911's.

    Charles Daly 1911’s « Gunner’s Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    I have some pics but I have no idea how to post them. Could I email them to someone who could help?
    Doc, P95 has done a good job of providing a help for posting photos in his Forum Help & Extras section up on the second row of the blue band. Our gallery has almost unlimited space to save your photos in. Try P95's helps and if you aren't successful send me a PM and I will see if I can help. We'll get that 1911 showing real quick.

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    Congrats...I love my full size 1911 and will be adding some of its cousins to my collection at some point down the road
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    Congrats! Let us know how it's working out for you.
    Should be a real nice carry gun for you.
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    Congrats... on the 1911, but be careful, you might just buy another.
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    You're gonna like it!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Watch out they multiply......

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    I'm partway through the 12 step program of recovering from 1911 addiction. I only have three so I need 9 more and I'll be cured! I have a Micro, a Commander and a Govt. Now I have to get an Officers, a long slide, a CCO, .38 super and a stack of customs and the doctor tells me I'll be well. At least as long as I keep 'em!

    Of course now you'll have to enroll as well........
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    1911's get very lonely when they don't have anyone like them in the gun safe!! You will need to get at least one more to make your new addition feel at home!!!
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    You're HOOKED. Dont worry about the "issues" that others seem to dote on about problems with the short barrel 1911's. The ones I have fired dont seem any more prone to malfunctions than many other pistols. All are mechanical objects and are subject to breakage at times.

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