Charter Off Duty, Value and .38's

Charter Off Duty, Value and .38's

This is a discussion on Charter Off Duty, Value and .38's within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As some may know, I have a thing for snubbies. I love'em. I am always on the lookout for a new one or a better ...

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Thread: Charter Off Duty, Value and .38's

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    Charter Off Duty, Value and .38's

    As some may know, I have a thing for snubbies. I love'em. I am always on the lookout for a new one or a better one or the "perfect" one. I know, I know, perfection does not exist because it shifts as we approach it.

    Anyway, I was seriously considering a Smith & Wesson 340 PD or M&P. They're very light and they pack a whale of a punch. They're a little pricey, too: you pay a lot for the difference between that steel cylinder and the scandium cylinder.

    While I was on the subject of dollar-to-ounce ratio, I remembered that my favorite pawn shop, from which I bought my wife a .38 for her car, had a wide variety of bargain-priced .38's, some of which, IIRC, were very light as well.

    So off I went. Well, the shop had a Charter Arms Off Duty. That .38 I bought my wife was a Charter, and I did a range report on it- it pleasantly surprised me.

    The Off Duty was as light as the lightest Smith- 12 ounces. I also really liked the grip. It was two-fingerer (which I ordinarily do not like) but it had an interesting groove cut toward the bottom on both sides for your pinky to wrap back up onto.

    And it cost less than half of what the Smith cost. Ballistically you do give up something when you go from .357 Magnum to standard pressure .38Special, but I sure don't feel outgunned with that standard pressure 158-grain lswc made by Buffalo Bore. And my previous experience with Charter was very positive.

    So I got the Off Duty.

    I've got to say it's the easiest gun I've ever toted around. J-frame Smiths are very easy to stick in a pocket and "have something" with. This little Charter is at least as easy. I love the doggoned thing. It's light, it goes anywhere - even in shallow pockets (man, I HATE shallow pockets- all CCWers probably do).

    I think this one is going to be a keeper.

    No range report yet- coming soon. Pic below, too.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Charter Off Duty, Value and .38's-off-duty-smaller.jpg  

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    If you ever become over burdened with too many revolvers I will take one of them off your hands. Ha! I alway enjoy reading your posts, the Charter Arms off duty looks like a winner.

    -- Richard
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    Having carried a Charter for a long time it is important to remember to carry it a lot, shoot it a little. They're not made for lots of target practice. They are a joy to carry.

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    Randy, I have really grown to like my Bulldog. The .44 Special is not as abusive as .357 Mag in a snubby. The pocket holster I got from Kevin at K&D keeps it upright. The handle is just below the bottom of the opening of the pocket in my Dockers, but the pocket stays closed. If I have to wear a tucked in shirt for any reason the Bulldog goes in the left front pocket. I really like it. I have been looking at the other Charter offerings lately as well. I have too many things on the list ahead of them, but I expect to have another before too long.

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    i been looking for the left hand model wheel gun that they make for the wife. the gun stores in my area can not get them. charter arms has improved over the years and now they make a good gun. now it is not a s&w,,,,but for the price if don't have to be.
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    There are three Southpaw's currently on Gunbroker, the cheapest one looks to have a buy it now of $369 plus actual shipping (and tax if a PA resident)
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    Very nice,...I like. somebody needs to post pics of a charter next to a Smith,..speaking of,anybody know about charters warrenty?I've been somewhat on the market for a CC revo,...keep going back to the charters, haven't checked the local dealers yet

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    Looking to pick one of these up. Where's that range report you promised?
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