Glock 23 vs. XD 40c?

Glock 23 vs. XD 40c?

This is a discussion on Glock 23 vs. XD 40c? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I currently have a Walther PPS 9mm but am looking to add a .40 cal. I could go with the PPS .40 when it comes ...

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Thread: Glock 23 vs. XD 40c?

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    Glock 23 vs. XD 40c?

    I currently have a Walther PPS 9mm but am looking to add a .40 cal. I could go with the PPS .40 when it comes out but I know that both of these guns (Glock and XD) have a very loyal following so I'd like your input on them. These seem like good options. Thanks!

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    Both of them are excellent guns so you can't go wrong
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    Just go to the member sell/trade area... you will see lots of one make but not the other. It should tell you something.
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    both are great pistols. the glock 23 has more capacity unless you used the 12 round mags with the x-tension thing, has better deals being offered used/police trade off. I like the xd sc because of the safety features. both are pretty concealable and of equal importance is that they both shoot great in my hands. you can't go wrong with either selection.
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    I have n experience with the XD. But I love my 23. Great shooter, easy to conceal, good capacity of a good defensive load.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XD 45 View Post
    Both of them are excellent guns so you can't go wrong
    +1,...Glock and Springfield both make EXCELLENT weapons. I personally chose the XD40SC,...3" barrel,.40S&W. Eventually I'd like to get a G23 to compliment my XD.

    Fits my hand ALOT better,Im more accurate with it than the G23,...easier to dissamble(glocks are easy too), and I like the added safety features. don't NEED them,but definitely is nice feature. (No excuse for poor firearm safety habits.)

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    First I have been an anti glock guy for a long time, just because all of my LEO friends who have been ingrained through training that the glock is the "only gun" now, having said that, I like the glock 23. (do not tell my glock buddies i said that)

    Now for what you want to see/hear, you already know about the "additional" safety feature on the xd, thats fine if you intend to pocket carry, I dont see that happening with this pistol but some will, so its a nice benefit if you do pocket carry, and it does not hurt otherwise.
    2nd issue magazine capacity, the xd provides an option for shorter grip, key word is option, which means it can be carried in more situations than the glock if you are concerned with that, but for a concealed weapon I find the xd system a bit of a catch 22, first the weapon conceals easier, but then you have this awkward magazine, my solution is to carry the lower capacity mags, without the extension and have extended magazines in my car, but hey Im one of the boy scouts who keeps a spare mag for each of my pistols in my car, if the weather (primary factor in my ability to conceal) allows it I tote the full sized/extended magazines, but still carry the shorter ones as back up because I dont like the mag extensions protrusions. (also complicates reloading in my opinion)

    So I guess what My choice would be if I were you comes down to this, do you plan to pocket carry at any time? and do you prefer additional rounds in the handgun/ and on reload? for me I am not concerned with reloads as much as others will be, life Has schooled me very well on when to run, but its always better to have and not need than to need and not have, that being said I dont think you could go wrong with either, big advantage on glock is the availability of extras right now, but that is going to slowly fade out as the xd gains market equality.

    As I said at the start I never have been a "proglock" guy, but they are great pistols, the xd is also a great pistol in my opinion, and meets the ultracompact/compact needs in one gun not two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southtexas View Post
    big advantage on glock is the availability of extras right now, but that is going to slowly fade out as the xd gains market equality.
    I've been hearing that for a few years now. I wouldn't say either would be a wrong choice but I know which one I prefer and it doesn't have a grip safety.

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    I traded the G23 for an XD-40 Service. It just fits me better. Some like Glocks some don't. I have many rounds through my XD with no problems.
    The easiest way I can tell you is to hold both, close your eyes, raise the "empty" gun to target level, then open your eyes. See which one is closer to the intended target. I don't like the grip angle of the Glock, but other will disagree. Get the one that fits you the best and don't worry about which one is best.

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    If you are one of those guys that likes to have spare parts to fix your handgun, go with the Glock. Until Springfield changes their policy on XD parts, I'm staying away. I had a XD45C, great handgun, but the lack of support from that drove me towards the Glock. Carry a Glock 23 now and am not looking back. Imo, just about the ultimate CCW pistol in terms of size, capacity, reliability, etc.
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    both are good guns. i got the glock so i would go for the glock. you need to shoot both so that you can make up your own mind.
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