So I was with my cousin who I would consider a sheep. We were shopping in a mall, which was surprisingly not posted.

It was a bit chilly, I had on my khaki cargo pants which do not look tacticool as they are baggy, and worn well, despite my gf's wishes I will not rid myself of them. I also had on a pull over.. kind of fancy styled shirt.. loose fitting and of course an undershirt. Anyone turned on yet? I hope not..

Needless to say.. I was carrying my XD .45 Service in a Crossbreed Supertuck, and after about a month of adjusting the cant and how low/high it will ride, I found what I believe is my perfect setting.

On to the good part. My cousin had NO IDEA i was carrying, we were walking around the mall all day, around each other all day.. the only way she knew was when we returned to the house, I pulled off the holster.. and her eyes got big.

When I look in the mirror and I turn, and twist.. I swear I print like crazy but it's what i'm looking for right?

This just proved to me that I don't print to the people who don't know what to look for...

Oh and me and my brother argued about 1911's vs. Tupperware...