Mama's packing heat!

Mama's packing heat!

This is a discussion on Mama's packing heat! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; ME!! After months of deliberation on just the *right* carry piece, and lots of help from all of you, I went with the xd9sc. I ...

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Thread: Mama's packing heat!

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    Mama's packing heat!


    After months of deliberation on just the *right* carry piece, and lots of help from all of you, I went with the xd9sc. I am SO PLEASED with my decision!! I have always loved shooting this gun, and now I have my own. It's just the basic, blued xd, but I ordered one with the trijicon night sights.

    So, I picked it up almost two weeks ago, wore it around the house

    I picked it up, wore it around the house until my holster arrived. Wore it with the holster and hate it. I don't know what the proper gun term for "going commando" is, but that is what I prefer, so looks like I'll need a (another) holster. We just ordered one of those stock high noon ones. It works for my husband, so at least it's not a loss. I'm short waisted, so the farther the gun is in my pants, the better.

    It conceals much better than I thought it would as well. It is January, and I'm sure I'll have to make concessions, but as of what I wear now, I'm pretty pleased.

    NO, I did not do the Wally World tour. Sorry, I hate wal-mart. So, my first day of carry was to a real estate meeting, then out to a yummy hibachi dinner with my husband. The next day was to McDonalds playland, as the kids have cabin fever. Today, went to Target and the grocery store.

    I'm hooked, I love it. There isn't much better of a feeling than knowing I am able to defend myself and my little ones if I have to. One thing I REALLY like as well, is that I don't look like I would carry.
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    Good for you!!

    I'm sure that with the advice here coupled with some good sense and adjusting you will find the right holster for you.

    Finding a good holster really is more of an art than a science and each of us has our own unique likes, dislikes and bodies that need to be considered. You'll find it.


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    Congratulations! Hope you never have to use it - except for target shooting!

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    Congrats on the gun and carrying.
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    Most of us have a box of holsters we have tried but didn't quite work for us.
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    If I had a gun for all the holsters I have laying around I'd need 2 more safes!!! Keep looking, you'll find the one that works for you. Congrats on the gun and carrying.

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    It conceals much better than I thought it would as well. It is January, and I'm sure I'll have to make concessions, but as of what I wear now, I'm pretty pleased
    Actually it is Feb. lol!!, but congrats on your new firearm, now we need pics and a range report.
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    congrats. and keep searching for a good holster. it takes time. order them from places you can return them to and your not out much money.
    be careful with mexican carry. just asking for trouble IMO
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    +1 on the pics
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    Be careful using the phrase "going commando" around this bunch. Just kidding guys. "Mexican Carry" is the only term I've ever heard used and I don't meant that in any offensive way.

    Congrats on the XD. Yes, most all of us have the drawer full of holsters we never use. One down for you. See, you can eliminate that one for your next gun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluedaisy View Post
    It is January, and I'm sure I'll have to make concessions, but as of what I wear now, I'm pretty pleased.
    Quote Originally Posted by NCHornet View Post
    Actually it is Feb. lol!!
    Ya, well, time slows down when you have a new play toy.

    Congrats. Sounds like you are really enjoying your new purchase.
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    Try FIST they have a whole section dedicated to women's holsters. I have purchased some of his products and they are high quality. Though as a large man I do not think I can vouch for the comfort of the women's holsters.
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    Good for you....Congrats and stay safe!
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    XD---always worth the wait.

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    Congrats & stay safe!
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