Report on Kahr's MK9, The Ulitmate Small 9mm?

Report on Kahr's MK9, The Ulitmate Small 9mm?

This is a discussion on Report on Kahr's MK9, The Ulitmate Small 9mm? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Recently acquired a Kahr MK9 and wanted to share a little about what I feel might be one of the best small 9mm choices for ...

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Thread: Report on Kahr's MK9, The Ulitmate Small 9mm?

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    Report on Kahr's MK9, The Ulitmate Small 9mm?

    Recently acquired a Kahr MK9 and wanted to share a little about what I feel might be one of the best small 9mm choices for CCW!

    First of all, it's all Pogo2's fault! I saw a picture of his on this forum and knew I had to look hard at the MK9; so it's fault I bought it!

    The situation:: My EDC was either a Kahr P9 or a J frame .38. I'm small and the grip of the P9 managed to poke out just a bit when wearing a suit, which is my main cover. The J fame was a bit uncomfortable IWB and bulky in the pocket of dress pants. I tried a full size 1911 but that was bit too much for a

    The need: Something small, compact, very easy to conceal, but pleasant to shoot for extended range sessions, would fit my smaller hands, have night sights, be cheap to shoot so I could shoot allot, be potent enough to be viable, and look good! I won't bore you with the different things I looked at but I finally picked up an MK9 and it felt good in my hand!

    The Results: Well, I've now fired 232 rounds through it so I've finished my break in. The gun has operated flawlessly! I've fed it Winchester White box FMJ, UMC, and a variety of other 9mm ammo and it's never missed a beat. I've now fired quite a bit of 124gr Speer Gold Dot that is my carry ammo.
    -The trigger is as smooth as ball bearings, not as long as some think but nice. I don't know the technical terms to describe it but it's the best DAO trigger I've ever used.
    -I love my Kahr P9 but with the Gold Dots +p rounds there's a bit of muzzle flip; with the MK9 the extra weight makes a very noticeable difference and I find the MK9 much quicker on double taps than my P9
    -The short sight radius is noticeable but after a few mags I was as proficient with the MK9 as my Kahr
    -Lost one round from the P9 but gained more controllable shooting
    -Accuracy is ASTOUNDING!! At 7 yards I can cut one ragged hole consistently, at 10 rounds I'm still all within a hands width and when I'm not, it's me, not the gun.
    -take down and cleaning is a snap.
    -recoil is a lot less than the P9! I was surprised but the weight really does make a difference in felt recoil!
    -Because it is so compact, the weight is concentrated so it does feel heavier than it is; some would say like a brick. I knew I wouldn't pocket carry this (If I was, I'd have gotten the PM9) because I can't get a gun this size in and out of my pockets quickly/smoothly enough so I planned this for IWB all the way!
    -Cost? Not cheap! But all stainless with night sights is going to last a long time! I paid $700 for it, another $58 for the wood grips and another $40 something for the stainless guide rod.

    Modifications: Crazy I know but as I said, it's Pogo2's fault! I've made two changes right off the bat:
    1. Wood Grips from the Kahr Site; good quality fit and finish and the bonus, they make the grip FANTASTIC! They're a tad thicker than the stocks so they fill the hand more and make it point better
    2. I added the stainless guide rod for looks along; shameful I know...
    3. Haven't done it yet, but I found a place to get the front strap checkered (30lpi) for $185. I'll be sending it off for that in a few weeks.

    At the end of the day I end up with a beautiful weapon that I can actually enjoy all day at the range, can shoot fast and accurately, carries 7 rounds with a fast reload, and conceals like you wouldn't believe! I've fired thousands of rounds through my P9 and it's never had a single malfunction and my MK9 is the same up to this point! I believe the MK9 is a rare combination of attributes that makes it an ideal CCW for folks who want a smaller weapon or who have smaller hands. I've included a few pics to give you an idea of how it looks.

    It may cost a bit but I’d highly recommend this weapon for carry! I’ve ordered a “mini-clip” holster from Kirkpatrick Leather for it; I’ll post a review of that when I get it!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Report on Kahr's MK9, The Ulitmate Small 9mm?-mk9a.jpg  

    Report on Kahr's MK9, The Ulitmate Small 9mm?-mk9.jpg  

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    Beautiful looking little CCW piece. I had one for a while and wish I had kept it, as it was probably the nicest small semi-auto I have owned, not counting the Glock 26/27.

    Check it out for quality reasonably priced leather and kydex Pocket, IWB and OWB Holsters......

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    I love my Kahrs. Congrats on the Mk, they sure are nice.
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    Hey Gideon. I love my little MK9 too. I noticed that you're planning to send your Kahr off to get the front strap checkered. If you want to "try before you buy", I saw once where someone had installed a stainless checkered front strap from Wilson Combat for a whopping twelve bucks. I'm thinking about trying one before I move on to a more permanent solution. Just a thought.
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    Beautiful gun, Gideon. Color me envious.

    I didn't like shooting the K40 (trigger pull felt way too long for me and it had more muzzle flip than I expected), but I've been actively trying to convince myself not to buy a Kahr since realizing the K9 fit my hand like a glove. I'm genuinely torn between Kahr and SIG for a small semi-auto CCW, but unlike the P239 I haven't managed to find a K9 or MK9 to rent yet.


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    I like them Kahrs

    I'm also really impressed by these little Kahrs. I rented and fired a CW9 the other day and really liked it. I just ordered a CW40, my first gun above 9mm.
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    I have an MK9...great deep CCW gun....however, this is NOT a 25yd pistol. I definitely have more control with the 7rd mags vs the 6 rd mags.

    I'm also looking for a P239/.40 for an in-between gun (between P229/.40 and MK9).

    Great looking gun with the wood grips.
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    I carry my mk9 24/7,its a great gun.I was going to have my front strap checkerd but I read on onther site aguy used skate board surface tape. I tried it and works great, cost like 10 dollars.I put on front and back strap also a little on under side trigger gaurd.A couple people said its rough but I work outside all year round so ny hands are also rough its good for me.I still have stock black grips so the black skate tape looks good on it..

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    Gideon, I'm glad I was able to convert you to the Kahr MK9 camp. I agree with your description of the gun's merits. It is a surprising combination of small size, good trigger and excellent accuracy. I also like the good looks of the gun in all stainless with the wood grips.

    Here is my MK9 posing with a Walther PPK to show the small size of the gun:

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    Very nice. I have the mk40 as my daily carry. I really like those wood grips. I have the stock grips and have been wanting to upgrade to the wood. Supposedly the ctc grips will be out sometime soon for the mk series. Gotta love the Kahrs.
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    Beautiful little gun. I really like the grips.

    I love my Kahr too......

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    The only complaint I had with my MK-9 was that the slide-release would bite my thumb knuckle. I have since given the slide-release a slight radius and contour job. I used a fine file, fine emery, followed with a buff.

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    Looks good, thanks for the write up.

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    Agree with all above...a beautiful pistol. I do so want a front pocket 9mm pistol...I had thought this might just be the number, espcecially since I could not afford the cost of a Rorhbaugh. You have, however, discounted this as not being a front pocket weapon. Darn. Well...I have many weapons to carry OWB or IWB.

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    My daughter recently received her CCW license and politely confiscated my MK9. Its threads like this that brings back good memories of how great it shot and how easy it was to conceal. Boy would I like to have it back

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