Night Sites for Glock

Night Sites for Glock

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Thread: Night Sites for Glock

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    Night Sites for Glock

    I have had my G23 for about 4 years now and really like it. It was my EDC until I got my Kimber Tactical Pro about a year and a half ago. I love the night sites on my Kimber and am looking into retrofitting the Glock with a set as well.

    The problem is I don't know much about 'after market' night sites. I have seen lots of ads in the magazines and such, but am not sure what brand, type to go for.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

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    Kimber nightsight are made by kimber under the name Meprolight. These are awsome nightsights and i have a pare on my g27.

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    Arotek night sights

    I have night sights on my Glock 23 from Arotek, a vendor of Glock aftermarket parts. These sights can be installed by the owner without a gunsmith, as they are retained in the dovetail by two small set screws, allowing drifting left or right before they are tightened down. The front sight is retained by a small screw from inside the slide. I highly recommend them.

    Arotek website

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    My G19 came with Trijicon night sights. Great sights.

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    You can also check out XS Sight Systems and look at the 24/7 bigdots. There is also some videos on Youtube about them. Another one I've heard alot about are Truglo's TFO sight that use fiber optics and tritium. I've only used factory trijicon sights on my Glocks but I'm planning on using the 24/7 bigdots on either my G19 or G23 and see how they work.

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    You know, they all do pretty much the same thing. I have Meps, Trijicons, and GLOCK factory sights on mine, and there isn't a dime's worth of difference.

    To be honest, I'd save the cash and buy a good flashlight instead. If you can't see the target, don't shoot the target (especially with night sights when you might HIT IT). If you can see the target, you don't need night sights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by f8lranger4x4 View Post
    Kimber nightsight are made by kimber under the name Meprolight.
    If you want the "exact" sites that a Kimber has- he has it right. All brands look and function about the same.
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    Try these

    I have these on mine and have installed several sets on customer's guns with no problems. Great in daylight and at night.

    TRUGLO - The World's Most Advanced Line of Fiber Optic Sights

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    I installed Meprolight sights on my G23, G27 and HK USP40c. Nice sights & quite a bit less than Trijicons if I recall correctly.
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    keydet90, if you like the three dot style of sights, I recommend meprolights. They last as long as the more expensive brands, glow just as bright as any of my XS or trijicon sights, and they have a permanent white pvc ring around the tritium lamps that wont wear off like the other brands do. That part is the clincher for me.
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    Check out the Ameriglo operator sight. It is a traditional 3 dot set BUT, the rear dots do not have a white outline around them. The rear dots still show up in low light but there is nothing to take your eye away from the front sight. Additionally, the front blade is a bit thinner and the rear notch is a bit wider. They are the fastest sights that I have used. Their H3 tubes are from Trijicon and are very tough.
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    I have Trijicons on all of my Glocks. I must say they are relatively smaller and dimmer than whatever nite sites SIG puts on their pistols from the factory because my P220 sights seem larger and almost twice as bright. My oldest Glock would have to be about 6-7 years old. The Trijicons were put on after the pistols were purchased, and no idea how long the sights had been on the shelf, but c'mon. My opinion is that all night site offerings are NOT pretty much the same. I don't know the best, but I'd definitely go with whatever SIG puts on theirs from now on!

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    Meps on the Kimbers...they came that way.
    I put Trij (by choice) on my G-36...
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    The Tru-Glo sights on my XD literally fell apart (the fiber optic tubes flew off) after less than a year, and they only carry a 3 month warranty. No way I'd buy another set of those.
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    The problem with many night sights is they can be hard to acquire in daylight. By far the very best sight I have experienced to date is the TFO's they combine night sights with fiber optic they are very bright in daylight as well as night time and anything in between. I suggest you give them a look.
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