Revolver for Lefties

Revolver for Lefties

This is a discussion on Revolver for Lefties within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am a lefty and am considering adding a revolver to my collection. I have looked at Rugers and S&Ws at my local shop. I ...

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Thread: Revolver for Lefties

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    Revolver for Lefties

    I am a lefty and am considering adding a revolver to my collection. I have looked at Rugers and S&Ws at my local shop. I am looking for something in .357 with a 4 inch barrel. BUT I would really like one that is made for a lefty. Is there such a beast out there?

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    I'm a lefty, and I've never seen one. With a revolver, the only real issue is reloading. Hold the gun in your left hand, release the cylinder with your thumb and hold it open with your fingers. Use your right hand to insert cartridges. It takes practice, but you can get used to it. If you think a revolver is bad, try a semi-auto. I feel the spent brass slide right down the middle of my scalp!

    Correction, I have seen some that were "ambidextrous", but they are not modern guns. Some old Iver Johnson, Webley, et. al., were hinged in front of the cylinder so they kind of "folded open".
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    Charter arms makes a lefty

    Charter Southpaw #93820

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    I shoot lefty with a revolver.

    Here's what I do to reload.

    Trigger finger pushes cylinder release latch
    Right hand thumb pushes out the cylinder
    Grasp cylinder with thumb through the frame
    Turn gun upside down
    Left hand SLAPS ejector rod hard
    Turn gun right side up and bring to waist area
    Left hand grasp speedloaders and preceed to load gun
    After loading left hand grasp weapon in firing grip
    Right hand closes cylinder and moves to support position

    Now, please explain to me why I want a "left handed" version? In short, I don't.

    I hope that helps, happy shooting.


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    Why would a Socialist / Liberal / person-of-the-Left need a different revolver than the rest of us?

    Or did you mean you are shooting the revolver left handed...??? So sorry, my bad...

    After thinking about what you asked, and reading BikerRN's response, I can see why you asked. I don't recall ever seeing any "left handed" revolvers - you might just have to practice BikerRN's method... Just like anything else, I'd bet you can get pretty good at it with a little practice!

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dang.45 View Post
    Why would a Socialist / Liberal / person-of-the-Left need a different revolver than the rest of us?
    Workers of the world, unite!
    Revolvers also needed in socialist workers' paradise . . .
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    As mentioned, the only "lefty" revolver currently on the market is the Charter Arms Southpaw, however it's a .38spl (+p rated) not a .357, though I have heard talk of them extending their line to include the Pug (.357) and Bulldog (.44spl) over the course of the next year or so, as the Southpaw has been selling fairly well.
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    1 in 7 of us are chosen as the more "gifted"(leftys). My solution to the revolver is to operate the cylinder release with my right thumb and shove the cylinder open with my right "friendship" finger while reaching for ammo with the left hand.

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    Single action sixguns work great for lefties! No, not because Sam Colt was a lefty, or that cavalry troopers were supposed to use the sword in the right hand and the sixgun in the left. The trooper normally held the reins in his left hand, and while reloading, the left hand could do double duty by holding the sixgun, while empty cases were ejected, and fresh cartridges loaded, with the right hand. Reins are used to direct the horse, and moving the reins all around while reaching for cartridges would confuse the issue. This means, of course, that us lefties who have no need to rein a horse these days, can take advantage of the intended reloading technique, and then NOT have to bother switching back to the right hand when finished. Since the original post mentioned "collection," not carry, and SA sixguns are eminently collectible, why not?

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