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Thread: Bar-Sto?

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    I have a question about these barrels. I am considering putting one in my Glock 23. Are there any advantages to doing this? I am pondering this as I have heard that .40 S&W chambered Glocks could KB. Is it even worth considering? Looking forward to your responses. Thank you in advance for your input.

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    The only reason I would consider one, would be to convert
    my 23 over to 19.
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    Main advantage seems to be ability to safely use cast bullets.
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    One of the main reasons for switching out your barrel to a conventional rifling design is to allow you to safely shoot reloads out of your glock. The stock polygonal rifled barrel has the risk of KB with reloads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ron8903 View Post
    The only reason I would consider one, would be to convert
    my 23 over to 19.
    +1 or go .357 SIG however they still don't make a conversion in .41 GASTON yet.
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    My training partner Troy has a G23 with BarSto 9mm barrel that has over 20,000 rounds through it. Never a problem that I am aware of.

    Shoot - probably more like 25k actually...
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    I might consider Bar-Sto if I wanted to shoot cast bullets. Plus there there are a couple of less expensive barrels on the market like Lone Wolf, and EFK Fire Dragon.
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    It's an excellent choice if you choose to switch bbl's. I have a Bar-Sto in my G17 and it honestly made a pretty big difference with mine. Plus, add the benifits stated above in this thread and you can't lose. Some will say it's not needed and I agree with that to an extent but it depends on what you are wanting to do with the gun as well that makes the decision for me.

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    Ive shot reloads in my Glock barrels for years with no problems whatsoever; The reason they say this is because they are trying to limit their liability just in case you do have a KB. I guarantee you that their barrels use the same steel everybody elses' barrels do, they just get colored and treated differently.

    As far as Bar-Sto is concerned, some of the best barrels out there are made by Irv Stone and Bar-Sto.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edr9x23super View Post
    I guarantee you that their barrels use the same steel everybody elses' barrels do, they just get colored and treated differently.
    Sort of; Glock barrels use polygonal rifling and are nitride coated. They have a much higher surface hardness than traditional barrels, and form a tighter seal.

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    The factory Glock barrels are excellent. Their QC is quite amazing.
    It is really unbelievable the great production pains that they take producing their slides and barrels.
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    they are good barrels, i have one for a glock 19. but i like the efk fire dragon and kkm barrels better. they are drop in and the price is better/lower. to shoot cast lead in any glock you need an after market barrel..... to shoot reloads in any glock 40 s&w you need an after market barrel.. the factory glock 40 s&w barrel does not give full case support. in useing reloads this is were the kb's can come into play. now the above named barrels after market brands give better case support than the factory 40 s&w barrel. now here it comes,,,, some will say it does not matter and they use the factory barrel.. take a factory 40 s&w barrel,, drop in a round and you can see where the barrel does not support the case. do the same with a after market barrel and you can see the different. take a fired case from a glock factory 40 s&w barrel and you can see the different at the head space area of the case. one side where the barrel does not support the case. re sizeing the brass makes it round again,,,,,but it will be weak in the spot. will it hold up the next time in an unsupported barrell????? or will it blow??? i will not take that chance,,,that's way i use after market barrels in all three of my glocks 40 s&w.
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