Problems w/S&W M&P Help!

Problems w/S&W M&P Help!

This is a discussion on Problems w/S&W M&P Help! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First of all Thanks for the replies and any help, I recently bought a S&W M&P compact .40 it is my EDC (well might not ...

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Thread: Problems w/S&W M&P Help!

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    Problems w/S&W M&P Help!

    First of all Thanks for the replies and any help,
    I recently bought a S&W M&P compact .40 it is my EDC (well might not be after what happened today)

    I went to the range this afternoon, 2nd time w/this particular piece. my 1st exp. at the range with it was extremely positive (150 rds.)nothing bad to say about the gun, but today on the other hand.... From the 1st round every time I squeezed the trigger the mag would drop, didn't matter if the mag was full or near empty. I shot double tap loads with gold dot HP's and winchester white box 165 gr. and it continued to drop the mag each round fired. checked other threads couldn't find any info so thought i'd throw it out there. i'm not new to shooting so i'm sure i wasn't limpwristing it or accidently hitting the mag release . Also takes more than nominal force to slide the mag all the way into the mag well when its full, is this normal for the M&Ps ? (i.e quite a bit of tension)
    NOTE: not sure if it is related to my current problem but on all of my spent casings the firing pin looks like it is dragging across the primer and scoring the rim, instead of the textbook center punch in the primer (couldn't zoom in close enough to keep clear focus for a pic sorry)
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    I suggest using the search function, somewhere there is a thread regarding a problem with the mag release, call S&W and they should ship you a new one, I'd provide the link but I'm running out to dinner.

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    Go to smith and wesson's m&p forum and check out the info on the mag drop problem. This has been quite an issue for a number of people. ( :: Home )

    I have just gotten my 9c back from S&W. They replaced the mag release. This is the second replacement. We'll see if that does it. I don't yet have enough rounds through my 9c to be sure the problem will stay fixed. I think Matt Larson may have also had some issues.

    If you call them, they will send you a new mag release, which you can replace yourself if you are at all familiar with guns. If not, they will send you everything you need to send your gun in for them to work on it at their expense.
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    I think the first M&Ps had some wear problems with the mag catch and Smith changed that part. Maybe the first catches were polymer? The mag catch in my M&P is steel. You might remove yours and check with a magnet. Also, check for wear. I've not had any mag drop problems with my 9mm (Rev. "N")

    If you're inserting a fully loaded mag with the slide forward, is it possible you're not getting the mag fully seated? Try inserting the mag with the slide back and see what happens. My guess is you have the original design mag catch and there is wear on the catch. Smith will send you a new mag catch. It's very easy to change out. In case you're hitting the mag release by accident, you might try reversing the mag catch so there's no chance you're activating the mag release with your thumb. (I'm assuming you're a right handed shooter).

    I don't think "firing pin tracks" are that unusual with striker fired pistols. My M&P 9mm leaves some "skid marks" as did my XD40SC (to a lesser extent.) No tracks with my two 1911s.


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    New designs

    I don't own this gun, but have read a number of postings here and elsewhere referring to this problem with the S&W M&P gun. I'm sure that S&W is anxious to fix this problem and will try hard to accomodate M&P owners who have the problem.

    Your story does illustrate the risks of buying a gun of a new design, however. Over the years I have seen this happen often with other new guns that have come into the market. It sometimes takes the manufacturer a year or two to sort out the problem and change the design slightly.

    I suppose this would be an argument for sticking with guns that have been in the market for several years and have acquired a good reputation for performance.
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    As others have said check out the M&P forum. This seems to be a common problem with some of their compacts.
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    Had the same problem. S&W sent me a new mag catch, and now no problem for the fact that ammo is so expensive.
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