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    GLOCK G26 vs KAHR PM9

    I wanting to buy a new sub compact pistol and my main consideration at this time is the Glock 26. However, looking at the Specifications of Kahr PM9093N seems to be thinner, shorter overall and lighter and it also has a trigger action that is easy to get use to.

    So my question to you is:

    Is Kahr just as reliable as a Glock?
    If you where headed to the store today of the two which one would you buy?
    Is there another pistol I should be considering?

    GLOCK G26 vs KAHR PM9

    Specification Glock G26 Kahr PM9 Comparison
    Material: Polymer Polymer Same
    Caliber: 9MM 9MM Same
    Overall Length: 6.29" 5.3" 15% Shorter
    Overall Height: 4.17" 4.0" 4% Smaller
    Width: 1.18" 0.90" 24% Slimmer
    Wgt w/o mag: 19.75 ounces 14.8 ounces 25% Lighter

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    If you do not have a specific size requirement that, say, the Kahr would meet and the slightly larger Glock would not, then, the Glock 26 is an awesome pick. Extremely accurate, reliable, easy to shoot a lot of rounds through and you can use use hi-capacity magazines in it.

    If size is not the primary criteria for your choice then I would pick the Glock but they are both good choices. The Glock seems to have an all around better track record but the Kahr doesn't seem too far behind nowadays.

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    I agonized over the same choice several months ago. I went with the Kahr, which was more expensive. What sold it for me was the smaller size - my EDC is a Glock 19, and the 26 was only slightly smaller. The PM9 was significantly smaller, and better for pocket carry. In addition to the higher price tradeoff, it's a single-stack and carries fewer rounds than the 26.

    I've never fired a G26, but assume it would feel similar to the 19. The PM9, on the other hand, has a much longer trigger reset and snappier recoil than my 19, making it harder for me to shoot accurately without lots of practice.
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    Pocket or belt carry?

    I think Pshooter above summarized the question pretty well. If you want to pocket carry the Kahr PM9 is going to work a lot better than the G26, which is more of a belt carry gun based on its size.

    As far as reliability, the Glock has an excellent reputation while the PM9 has a "checkered past" and an individual gun may need some breaking in or tweaking back at the factory to run correctly. But buyers of PM9s are generally willing to put up with this because of the size and concealment advantages of the gun.

    This seems like a good opportunity to post one of Ken Lunde's excellent photos of his two tone Glock 26:

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    If it's for your main EDC, the G26 hands down. It is more shootable. They tend to be very reliable straight from the box. Higher capacity but still small in size. The PM9 is really a different type of pistol. It excells at being a major caliber, ultra-concealment pistol. Basically, a big bore pocket pistol. I'll probably get some disagreement for that statement but that's my opinion.

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    Love my 19 and 23C. I would have no second thoughts about buying a 26.
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    I'm holding out on my vote at this time because my PM9 is heading home to be repaired, and I have never even held a G26. I do own a G27 and love it. It has never had an issue and has even fired ammo that my G23 wouldn't. Not really sure on that one but I had a box that the 23 didn't like but the 27 had no issues with.

    I have at least a thousand rounds through my 27 and the only thing I added was the sand paper grip tape. With repeated rounds and no pinky extension it tended to jump around if I had damp hands. The grip tape eneded that. It is noticably wider and for me I find it slightly harder to conceal but not impossible. I got the PM9 when I wanted something smaller in every way but still packed a good punch, I didn't want too much of a punch in the hand so I downsized to 9mm over the 40 cal.

    I have 5-600 or so rounds through the PM9 with no issues until the recoil guide rod assembly decided to eat itself, follow my "broken Kahr" thread for updates. I do love the gun and sadly up until last week it had replaced my G27 for daily carry.

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    I'll take the G26 please. Like others have mentioned, it has great manners, good ammo supply that can be upgraded by carrying a G19 or G17 mag as a spare and it has the same controls as my issued G22 and my off duty G19.
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    No question a G26.

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    My original dilemma. So what'd I do?
    None of the above; I bought a Glock 19.
    But I eventually bought the Kahr PM9.

    The glock now sits by the bedside,
    and the Kahr is with me at most times.
    Its more comfortable in my smaller hands.

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    Never liked Glocks until I touched and eventually bought my G-36. My next purchase will be the G-26...thus, my vote!
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    I had a G26 that I unfortunately had to sell due to financial issues at the time. It was a great little weapon. I never owned a PM9 but I do have a P40. Mine had feeding issues that Kahr fixed. But out of the box the Glock is more reliable IMO.

    You might want to consider a G19 as well. It is still easy to conceal, 15 + 1 capacity and a little easier to shoot.

    Good luck.
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    The PM9 sets itself apart from the Glock when carried in the pocket or on the ankle.

    I have a G19 and a Kahr PM9. I cannot see myself carrying a G26 because if I'm going to carry on the belt or IWB I find it just as easy to hide a Glock 19. I tried both guns over a period of time, and went with the Glock 19. The PM9 is carried as a BUG when I have to carry an autoloader.

    As far as the longer reset on the Kahr, not for me. I have a NY1 Trigger in my Glock 19. I try to keep all my triggers as close to the same as possible, and since I favor Revolvers it's easy to "justify" the NY1 Trigger for me.

    My Kahr, once I got past the "break in period" has been 100% reliable with what I shoot out of it. If it wasn't reliable I wouldn't own it. If a gun is unreliable I try to fix it, have it fixed, or sell it. I have about 1500 rounds through my Kahr in three years. I have only shot 100 rounds through it in the last two years.

    Kahrs, unlike Glocks, really need to be properly lubricated. There used to be a thread on this over at GlockTalk that you may want to try and find.

    For me, unless you are partial to carrying a "duty size" weapon like I am, I'd go with the Kahr PM9. Most people stop carrying after the "newness" wears off and they realize how heavy and cumbersome that gun is. The PM9 is Kahr's version of a S&W J-Frame Airweight. It's small enough to allow you to carry a gun all the time, instead of some of the time.


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    I own a 9094n and love it for pocket carry. I am not a Glock fan, but looked at the g26 "just in case". The Kahr has a lot going for it, if you are looking for small, thin and decent caliber. The cons are that it is snappy, and my pinky dangles, but the size and ease of carry make up for that. I find it easier to carry than a J-frame size revolver. If I was looking for a "waist" gun, I would look more to the S&W M&P 9/ 9c, or the new Ruger Sr9.
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    Thanks so much for all the wonderful input.

    Since I can get a pinky extension for the Glock 26 and I’m use to a Glock’s trigger pull, and unquestionable reliability, I’m going to go with the Glock 26.

    I already have a “nosey cricket” P3AT second generation for pocket carry, and I’m looking for something a little smaller than my G19, that will fit in my motorcycle jacket pocket, or other times I would normally carry the Walther PPKs.

    Thanks again,


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