Enclosed VS shrouded hammers on Revos

Enclosed VS shrouded hammers on Revos

This is a discussion on Enclosed VS shrouded hammers on Revos within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking into a pocket revolver in the near future and was wanting to get a few opinions on the pros and cons of each. ...

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Thread: Enclosed VS shrouded hammers on Revos

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    Enclosed VS shrouded hammers on Revos

    I'm looking into a pocket revolver in the near future and was wanting to get a few opinions on the pros and cons of each. This will mostly be carried in a pant pocket and once in awhile a jacket pocket if ever. Right now I'm leaning toward a hammerless model rather than shrouded. It seems it'd be easier to keep up maintenance on a hammerless. While the shrouded model allows single action shooting I don't think anyone would ever use this option on a self defense pistol might be ok to use it in practice, but I want to practice the way it'd be used in defense. Thanks for the info.
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    I've never owned either one but have toyed with the idea of buying one or the other. If I bought one I would probably go with the hammerless. I've read that the holster selection is better and concealment is easier. Like you, I don't see the benefit of being able to cock the hammer on the other style. I mean the sight radius is next to nothing on a snubbie. Speaking for myself, I wouldn't be able to hit a golf ball with a snubbie at ten feet if my life depended on it. Maybe by accident. Bottom line, a snubbie is for close in work.

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    i would get a used s&w model 36 and/or 60. then i would look around for a bobbed hammer. then just drop the bobbed hammer in and you got the best of both worlds. with a bobbed hammer you still cock the hammer back, just have to practive on how to grap it on the way back. i did both of my j-frames with the bobbed hammer. also i put the clip draw belt clip on. best thing i ever seen next to the bobbed hammer.
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    We own a Tauras 850shc and my wife loves it. You have a constant trigger, and you are not tempted to go single action in practice. It's easy to unholster, and it's very light. The only real con is the ports on the top of the barrel. In a night fight you will loose your night vision, but I guss that would happen anyway because of the muzzle flash.
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    I have a S&W 638, which is their shrouded model. I like the option of being able to cock it in the unlikely event I ever need it. Pocket lint can get in the slot, but its not usually too bad (may depend on your pockets though), but a quick swipe with something cleans it out.

    As far as holster, for a pocket holster its not gonna make any difference if you get enclosed or shrouded, they all use the same holster.

    Snubbies as stated above, tend to be belly guns for me.

    I'd buy another 638, nothin against the hammerlesses, I just like the shouded models better
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    I'll be the fly in the ointment.
    If I had it to do all over again I would opt for the shrouded hammer and keep the SA possibility.
    The disadvantages are extremely minor & I personally appreciate being able to cock the hammer and take a SA shot if necessary.
    Either the airweight or an all steel.
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    the enclosed hammer has the advantage of being able to shoot while still in a pocket, there is no way for anything to interfere with the hammer striking the firing pin. if "trigger indexing" is used properly with the double action only, it is as easy to be accurate with as any single action.
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    That "hump" is just plain ugly.
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    Talking S&w 640

    Until I got my 640, I thought the shrouded hammer was the way to go. After a few rounds down range, I've never looked back.
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    I'm in the shrouded hammer camp. Mine rides in a pocket holster every day and I run a wood shop. I see more dust in a day than many see in a year! Never had an issue with the crud getting into the works and preventing operation. I just take a deep breath at the end of the day and blow it out. You could use a Q Tip if you wanted. Dry fired it in several pockets, no problem.

    As for why you might ever need a single action shot? Distance! While most people just say the snub is only good for close up work that's because they just don't work at pushing their abilities with the platform. I've seen a professional shooter do repeated balloon busts at 200'! I can hit a chest profile target at 50' in SA mode and I am a very far cry from a professional shooter. I figure it just gives me one more "What if?" option in the same small package.
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    Hey Hoozier--I got a 638 Airweight that was the wifes gun until yesterday. Interested??? PM me. Can do a FTF in Ky.

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    LOVE the older model 49's and such and always installed a hammer shroud on my Colt Dick spl's,, but i admit I come from the older school when it was though it was ok to fire single action with the belly guns..

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