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This is a discussion on Which one??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by rhinokrk PF-9 Lighter and thinner . Be sure to break in, keep properly lubed, and practice as much as possible. Both have ...

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  • Kel-Tec PF-9, 9MM Single Stack mag. 7+1, Blued $333.00

    63 45.32%
  • Kahr PM9093N, 9MM 7+1, $890.00

    76 54.68%
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Thread: Which one???

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhinokrk View Post
    Lighter and thinner.
    Be sure to break in, keep properly lubed, and practice as much as possible.

    Both have their problems 'out of box', KT probably more, but with the weight difference (read; harder to shoot, again practice as much as possible) that's not a surprise.

    Good luck on whatever you choose.
    KT has pretty much taken care of the issues with the PF9 with their current release. I have had zero issues with mine. It was for size and cost that I did not entertain a Kahr. The PF9 is a great carry gun. Not a fun range gun. By the time you get a box through it, you will be ready for a break. Accuracy for me was around 4-5 inch grouping at roughly 25 yards. Closer distances was better. It conceals so well, I have it with me 90% of the time. It does pocket carry ok - but you need loose fitting pants. As with any gun, it has it's pro's and cons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyrigger View Post
    Biker, how can you clam bullets and range fees on your Taxes?

    Read my profile.

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    Have you considered the Kahr CW9? Mine was $399 NIB, and is only slightly larger than the PM9. It has been very reliable, even during break-in. I looked at the Kel-Tec, it just didn't fit me as well as the Kahr.
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    PF-9. I think Kel-Tec makes good guns for the $$.
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    As others have said, you're price is way too high on the PM9. I'd definitely go with the Kahr over Keltec if I could afford the "real" price difference. I believe they're much better made and I know the Kahr trigger is far superior to that of the Keltec. Size difference is negligable. So to me, it's only the price.

    If I were to give another small nod to the PF9 it would be the grip size. You get a fuller grip withthe PF9 compared to the PM9. How important this is depends on how you're going to carry. If in pocket the PM9 is better, if holster, then it doesn't matter.

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    OldTXCop has nailed it. The Kahr CW9 (or .40) is the way to go. Locally they go for $389. You get thin and light with a great grip shape, smooth trigger, and outstanding reliability. What's not to like?

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    If money is not an issue, by the Kahr. If it is a big consideration, buy the PF-9 and carry it while you save up the money for the Kahr. When you get the Kahr you can sell the Kel-Tec.
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    I chose Kel-Tec mainly because it is cost effective. Both are pretty reliable.

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    I'd go with the Kahr and in fact did. BTW, I paid $650 OTD for mine brand new w/DLC treatment and night sights. Right now it resides in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster ($14) until my K&D 2-in-1 pocket holster ($55) arrives. It feeds on Federal HST 147g but I'm looking to pick up some Winchester Ranger RA9T 147g to try out. I'm happy with my choices.

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    Well, well, well..

    Honestly, I am not trying to start a caliber war.

    I must say though...I believe 9mm to be insufficient except for perhaps deep cover or "backup" status. Especially when you can also have an infinitely more efficient and effective caliber in the S&W .40.

    The Kahr PM40 is an awesome choice. There are also many many other .40 or .45 ACP choices available to you. Remember, you are defending your LIFE.

    For now, I'd have to pass on both your proposed pistols.

    Just my humble opinion.
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    Lets see,...Every Keltec Ive ever seen goes "bang" everytime you pull the trigger (reliable.) Its easily concealable, has readily available holsters in many different styles,shapes,colors,options,and brand preferences. They have an outstanding warrenty,very accurate (for me at least),fits MY hand well,and its less expensive.

    And Ive heard plenty and seen plenty of threads dealing with folks having problems with Kahrs. Higher priced weapon,does not neccesarily mean a better weapon.

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    I looked LONG and HARD at the Kahrs for my CCW. I waited for close to a year for the range to get their 3 models back (9, 40, 45) from the manufacturer - the range was claiming the mfr was having a parts issue. When I finally saw all three back in, I tried each caliber out. The single stack mag and thinness and reported reliability had me sold. I came away thoroughly disappointed.

    I had FTE (after firing), stovepiping and chambering problems across all 3 calibers (some models had multiple issues). These events were were the final straw that pushed me to Glock (only cause SIG is more expensive). I want a weapon that has a high reliability with a minimum of fuss, and the Glock meets that.

    So, to answer your question, Kel Tec.


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    PF9. Got 2. Neither been back to factory. Never shot a PM9. They probably fine too. Just rather have 2 PF9s plus all the ammo u can buy for same $ as 1 pm9.

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    The trigger on the Kahr puts the Kel-Tec to shame... I owned a P11 for several years, and now I own a Kahr MK9. My MK9 won't be going anywhere any time soon.

    There is an obvious difference in the quality between the two if you have owned both, trust me. However, if you need to save money then the KT will work.

    Oh and like SixTo said, that price is way high for a PM9. Around here I would find one around the $600 range.

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    PF9s go for around $245 NIB around here and trigger much better than P11.

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