Springfield Loaded

Springfield Loaded

This is a discussion on Springfield Loaded within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I took my new parkerized "Loaded" 5"er out to the range today. This one's a keeper. I ran 300 rounds of various ammo through ...

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    Springfield Loaded

    I took my new parkerized "Loaded" 5"er out to the range today.

    This one's a keeper. I ran 300 rounds of various ammo through it. The only rounds it didn't like was a box of twenty CorBon 200 Grain JHP's. It fed sixty rounds of CorBon 185 Grain +P JHP/DPX with nary a bobble.

    The only malfunctions I had were directly attributable to magazine problems. The "stock" Springfield magazines and the various 7 Rounders I had left a lot to be desired. The Wilson 8 Rounders ran perfectly.

    I checked the FLGR after every 100 rounds. I was expecting to have to tighten it up, but it never loosened. The trigger reset was very positive, as was the safety going on/off. If I decide to carry this gun I'm going to leave it "stock".

    I plan to take it out next week and shoot it some more. After I get another 300 rounds of Hardball through it I will put 200 rounds of Winchester 230 Grain JHP's through it and that's what I will carry in it. I'd like to carry some other ammo, but it's too cost prohibitive for me to run 200+ rounds of DPX through the gun to "function test".

    This gun isn't fancy, just a Parkerized "Loaded" Model with night sights. It does what a gun is suppossed to do. It goes BANG everytime. I'm used to carrying a Revolver off duty, but may be changing to the 1911 again.

    I had an expirience a few years back where I failed to take the safety off on a 1911 when i needed to. After much thought and consideration, and learning how to do a "Hi-Thumb" hold down in Georgia at FLETC this past summer, I really feel that the reason I failed to take the safety off was my fault, due to an improper hold. I have taken steps to correct the hold, and now I'm thinking I might pack a 1911 again.

    I still have a ways to go before this gun is in my carry "stable" but I'm working on getting it in the selection. I can't believe how much I missed carrying a 1911. Nothing else even comes close in a "bottomfeeder" for me.


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    Have you seen the movie "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"? Remember the line from the ancient Knight when Jones picked the plain wooden chalice? "You have chosen wisely"?

    That you have my friend, that you have.!

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    I too have a parked loaded with night sites... it's my only 1911. Solid gun, that ;)

    I pulled the 2ps flgr and put a stock plug in it. If I didn't tighten the thing with an allen wrench, it would loosen up on me, and I _hate_ having to use a tool to break down my pistols. The new plug works fine, didn't have any effect on how the gun shoots.

    That's all I've done to it, and all I plan on doing to it.

    Enjoy :)
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    I love my loaded, it's an older blued slab side, like most, I axed the two piece rod and put in a GI style plug and spring guide.

    It was my first "real" 1911 and it will never leave my collection, it needs refinishing and maybe one day I'll have it bobtailed, the front strap stippled and the gun refinished....

    My loaded has been flawless, and in all honesty I like it a lot more than my Colt.

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    My Springfield Loaded is a fantastic gun. I'm going to have a smith put a 4# trigger on it soon. Shoots great as is though.

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    Sounds like you love your Loaded SA almost as much as I love mine. I want to get a Loaded 4 inch version now. Mine has been great and the only thing that is better than one great gun is two great guns!
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    Yeah, I do love it.

    I'm already looking at a Lightweight Bi-Tone.

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    I have a Loaded Champ and absolutely love it. Great pick up!

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    I think that a SA Loaded will be the gun I look to purchase in 2009. First I need to take care of a few hi-cap guns.

    Congrats on the great gun you just bought.

    Check it out for quality reasonably priced leather and kydex Pocket, IWB and OWB Holsters......

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    Quote Originally Posted by dropped_71chevy View Post
    I have a Loaded Champ and absolutely love it. Great pick up!
    Ditto on that.
    Duke in Southern CA
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    Finally had the chance to take my Lightweight Champion out to the range last week. I bought it used from an individual who had put maybe 100 rnds thru it. It is definitely a keeper having having eaten everything I fed it without a hiccup. I was very pleased with the accuracy @ 25 ft. The recoil from shooting a lighter-weight .45 did not strike me as being much of a detriment. I generally carry/shoot a G27 so maybe that is why. It did seem to have a little more muzzle flip than the full size 1911s I have shot previously.

    This is by far the most comfortable carry pistol I have now. Hardly even know its there in a Texas Heritage holster.

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    Love Springers! You've got yourself a great gun there. My 94 vintage is nothing fancy but she is accurate, easy to conceal, handles great but most importantly is utterly dependable. Managed all this for less than $600.00.

    Sportsterguy-NRA Life Member

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    Ya just gotta love a weapon that looks good and works well!

    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
    superior skills."

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