Sig vs Sig vs STI ...

Sig vs Sig vs STI ...

This is a discussion on Sig vs Sig vs STI ... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Let me start by stating that I have never owned a Sig or an STI but today I find myself trying to decide between two ...

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Thread: Sig vs Sig vs STI ...

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    Sig vs Sig vs STI ...

    Let me start by stating that I have never owned a Sig or an STI but today I find myself trying to decide between two Sigs and one STI as a new ccw. I would like to replace my current ccw (Glock 29) with something in 45 ACP. I have narrowed my choice down to the following three weapons.

    1) Sig P220 Carry Elite
    2) Sig Revolution Compact Nitron
    3) STI Gaurdian

    This is where for me it gets hard ... as I know nothing about any of these manufacture's and their weapons I have no idea wich might be best from a ...

    1) Reliability
    2) Accuracy
    3) Build Quality ... Standpoints

    So I ask ... do any of you own any of these firearms? How would you rate then in the three catagories mentioned. And finally, from a CCW perspective which (if any) of these would you be will to stake your life and those of your children on?

    Thank you,
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    I do enjoy my 220 Carry Elite riding in a VMII. It replaced a 220ST that I had carried for quite a few years and the Elite has been perfectly reliable and very accurate. I have no experience with the other two you list but I can definitely say that I can find no downsides to the 220 Carry Elite.


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    As it happens, I have extensive familiarity with both the SIG 220 and the STI.

    Both guns are very reliable.
    Both are capable of tighter groups than most shooters are capable of shooting.
    Both companies exercise outstanding QC.
    Both companies have excellent service departments, not that you are likely to need them.

    You could be confident in staking your life on either provided you can do your part.

    The question is which platform are you more comfortable with.

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    Tough decision. I like Sigs and Baers.
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    I have a SIG 226. Love it. Accurate. All sigs are reliable.

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    No experience with your choices. I do however have a SIG 228 and never have had a single malfunction in thousands of rounds, so the SIG receives my vote.
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