Does Anyone Carry a .44 Automag?

Does Anyone Carry a .44 Automag?

This is a discussion on Does Anyone Carry a .44 Automag? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I ran across a guy at the gun store that does. Seems a bit much, but he was a very tall guy (I'm 6'3", and ...

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Thread: Does Anyone Carry a .44 Automag?

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    Does Anyone Carry a .44 Automag?

    I ran across a guy at the gun store that does. Seems a bit much, but he was a very tall guy (I'm 6'3", and he was MUCH taller than I). Also, he was, to be delicate, and wasn't printing. He was talking to someone about a concealed carry issue, and I couldn't help wading into the discussion. Given the gun store context, he was happy to show me where it was , and even took it out because the guy behind the counter wanted a look.

    What a gun. Kinda' ugly, actually.
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    Flash to a Crocodile Dundee type scene.....

    "Oh my god, he's got a gun!"

    "Nahhhh, that's not a gun........this is a gun!"

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    If you can carry that, you can carry anything. I thought they were more the collectible type than the carry type:

    From Wikipedia

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    Was it a Desert Eagle? lol

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    One of our members ,(Automag) collects them and is up on these things, maybe he'll chime in here.
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    I've owned two of them in the past. I was forced to sell them due to a severe cash flow problem, but that's a story for another time...

    Dirty Harry notwithstanding, the Automag is not a concealed carry pistol. Anybody who does carry one (or claims to) has a huge ego problem and should probably seek professional help.

    Besides being a big gun, the Automag isn't reliable enough for EDC. It's extremely finicky about its diet, and it's actually pretty fragile, which brings up the spare parts issue. One of mine was laid up for over a year because of a broken cocking piece, and that was back in the 1970s, when the gun was still in production.

    Nope, not a carry piece.

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    Sounds like someone has seen "Sudden Impact" or "Death Wish III" too many times . . .
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    I have two 44 Auto Mag pistols and I personally would not carry one for protection. In my opinion they are too big and bulky for most people and are really not the most dependable choice!!!! I have one that is unfired and one that is my occasional shooter. I say occasional as parts are extremely hard to locate if broken and as an example a bolt, if you can locate one would be in the thousand dollar price range!!!

    My two Pasadena Model 180 44AMP's and my two Baby Auto Mag pistols in 22.

    Here is a picture of Clint-2 which was used in the movie Sudden Impact.

    Here is a case that I made for Walter Sanford for the Clint-2 Auto Mag. By the way Walter is the son of Harry Sanford the inventor of the Auto Mag.

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    Very nice collectable. I wouldn't carry it.
    Les Baer 45
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    WOW!! That is one sweet-looking case you made, Automag. Very nice work...I can't even glue two pieces of paper together, much less make something that looks as nice as that.
    You can never have enough magazines or ammo.

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    I don't know anyone who does. I think some of the guys I know would if they had one though...


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    If i wanta carry a 44 magnum I have an LAR grizzly,looks like a 1911 on steroids,and it is extremely reliable with either 240 grn LSWC or JHP rounds,but it weighs enough to make my pants droop which might be cool if your young but at 50 I ain't comfortable showing buttocks in public

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