I took the plunge, and I'm happy

I took the plunge, and I'm happy

This is a discussion on I took the plunge, and I'm happy within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went to the gun show today in phx, man was i blown away. Walked out with my very first BRAND SPANKING NEW Glock 17 ($530 ...

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Thread: I took the plunge, and I'm happy

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    I took the plunge, and I'm happy

    Went to the gun show today in phx, man was i blown away. Walked out with my very first BRAND SPANKING NEW Glock 17 ($530 out the door). The 19 was too small for my hands. I came home and am signed up for my CCW class on 3/22/08. I'm ready to rock n glo.. err roll! Pics soon to come, although who hasn't seen a G17 before? Feels good, no, feels great. Took it out to the range and shot 2 mags through it before I came to the realization that I forgot all my ammo. Shot great.

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    I have a feeling the G17 is, or maybe has to be - Glock's top selling model. I prefer the extra size over the 19, altho I own no Glocks, but have shot most of 'em.

    If you take it to bed the first night (some do ) - keep her unloaded for now .... if loaded put her on the floor and not under the covers
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    Fair price...nice choice...enjoy your new weapon!

    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    Always something about the original. The 17 is the plastic classic. Congrats on the new shooter.

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    sure does feel like a "toy" when compared the m9 my buddy bought, but boy howdy is it light and shoots fantastic. Where can I buy bulk ammo online? So far it seems like wally world white box's are the best deal around. I just purchased 200 124g hyrashok. I hear they are good news.

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    On your first Glock, and applying for your CCW permit! Love my G17 and all my Glocks. I've yet to purchase ammo online. I've heard shipping costs are pretty high. I've depended on WallyWorld for my ammo for the past couple months. The WWB plinkers go for $18.42 per 100ct here. But several weeks ago I found these at the WallyWorld 10 miles from me------------

    Good luck with your new pistol. I think you got it for a reasonable price. By the way--
    I'm ready to rock n glo.. err roll!
    Now that you're a Glock owner you can say Glock and roll! Be safe and enjoy.

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    Did anyone else notice that WWB 100 pack is now $18.42?

    That UMC 250 pack is now around 48 bucks.

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    Ramrod, they leave ammo on open shelves in your neck of the woods? Here in my area they have the ammo in locked cases at Wally World.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Wow. With that much of a price differential, maybe it would pay to buy a 9mm barrel for my . 40.
    Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse or Rapture....whichever comes first.

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    I would agree w/ p95 it or the g22 would have to be their best seller. The LE market has obviously shown a pref for the 22. You will not be unhappy with a lightweight combat gun like the 17 that carrys 17 +1 of modern defensive ammo>
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    Congratulations.... Glock makes great guns.
    Be Observant and Be Safe.

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    Congratulations. I have a large group of Glocks. You cannot go wrong with any of them.

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    My first pistol that I bought was the g17. I love it. I dont carry it but it is the one I shoot the best out of all of my handguns. IF I ever got into IDPC or IPSC it would be the one I would use.
    Congrats on one fine gun!
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    Congratulations on the purchase and soon-to-be ccw holder!

    There are some good deals to had online for ammo. Shipping is often not that bad. I think I saw on Cabello 300 rounds of fmj for $75.
    Great for target shooting.

    Just Google "handgun ammunition" and check out the different options.

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    Nice pickup, I guess you'll be bringing that g17 to the Flagstaff class May 31/June 1?

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