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cz2075 rami

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    cz2075 rami

    First let me say I'm a little over half a hundred years old and have grown up with and used guns my whole life. Reload and shoot a lot, but mostly rifles. I've owned quite a few handguns in my life, but mostly large frame revolvers for hunting, Ruger Black Hawks, S & W 29's and a variety of rimfires., now I'm hunt'n a good carry pistol. Now rifles I know, pistols I don't. I've shot several the past few months that I've borrowed from my buddies, try'n to see what I like. I know everyone is different, that's why they make different models. That said, the Glocks I've shot just don't fit me.Some of the Sigs, Kimbers and some of the Rugers and older Smiths were better. I've wore the computer out look'n at different guns and one that I keep come'n back to is the CZ2075 Rami in 9MM or 40sw, I've never seen one, and all I know of CZ is they make a great rifle. What about their pistols? I'm go'n to make a road trip soon to Little Rock to some of the bigger gun shops to see and touch one, but thought I'd ask here first.
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    I bought a 2075 9mm a little over a month ago and absolutly love it. No failures of any kind with a bout 300 down range. Carries very well and is very accurate. It will fit in a lot of Glock 26 holsters, it is about the same size. It also comes standard with night sights. I have the alloy version, which is only an ounce heavier than the polymer. The rubber grips are great, you get a firm hold on the weapon anytime you pull it from the holster. The polycoat finish is outstanding, it just doesn't seem to wear. Most carry guns I have bought seem to get little scratches here and there, but I don't think the CZ will ever show its age years from now. The CZ RAMI is probally the most overlooked carry gun out there, and is competitvly priced. CZ's are cult guns, you either own one and love it, or you have never seen one or shot one.

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    Like you, I have no personal experience with the RAMI but it sure looks nice. If you've never seen it, there is a web site called GunDirectory where they list specs on firearms and people can post messages and rate the firearms. The section concerning the RAMI is here. The web site is very slow, so have patience. You may want to read through all of the posts. While the gun gets a respectable 4 1/2 bullet (out of 5) rating, there does seem to be some reporting problems with it feeding hollow points. May be worth the read.

    No matter what you decide on, a road trip to a gun shop is always a great way to spend the day.

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    Double stack subcompact 9mm

    I have never fired a CZ Rami, although I handled one at a gun show. These came on the market a few years ago and it is my impression that they have not sold as well as some of the competing small, double stack 9mm guns. There are now quite a few guns available in that category, including the Glock 26, S&W M&P compact, H&K P2000sk, Walther P99c, etc. There is a new compact version of the Beretta PX4 scheduled to enter the market soon.

    I think that if I were in the market for a gun like this I would be strongly tempted by the Glock 26, which has an excellent reputation for reliability and accuracy.

    Here is Ken Lunde's photo of his Glock 26:

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    The CZ RAMI 9mm version is at the top of my "buy" list. I have a CZ75c that I will carry, and it's a fantastic gun. It's built like a tank, and is concealable and accurate and reliable. To get a more compact version would help with those hotter days where I can't conceal a bigger pistol. I also like the slim grips, they work well for my hands.

    I've gotten my hands on the RAMI at various gun shows, but haven't been able to shoot one yet. But that part isn't mandatory for me to buy one.
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    I've had a RAMI in 9x19 since last summer and have been very happy with it. I like that the inexpensive Mec-Gar 16-round mags for the CZ 75 work flawlessly in the gun for reloads.

    The RAMI is accurate, reliable, and the size of a J-frame.

    Here's a link to a thread that I put up when I bought the thing - chrono data is posted there:

    Pro-Gun Forums - Got a good deal on CZ 2075 RAMI 9mm

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    I cut and pasted this reply that I gave to another question about CZ's. Hope it helps.
    CZ75B full size in both 9mm and .40 cal both very accurate and reliable. In the compact models both are very accurate, the compact 40 did have a problem with FTF/FTE, but with the new magazines that seems to have been solved. Compacts come in 2 weights, the full steel frame being heavier than the alloy frame. Their 2 newest guns are the P-01 and P-06. Both guns are alloy frames, both have accessory rails on them. P-01 is 9mm, P-06 is .40 cal. Both are completely reliable. Have put about 400 rounds through my P-01 and almost 700 through my P-06, both have functioned flawlessly. If you want a sub-compact they have the RAMI in both steel and poly frames. The 9mm appears to be the more reliable of the 2. I have the .40 cal and have not had any troubles with it, but it appears it is very sensitive to limp wristing and will give you FTF/FTE problems if limp wristed, there are suppose to be new magazines coming out for the .40 that is suppose to eliminate the problem. As I said, I have had no problems with my RAMI 40, but then again I never had a problem with the KelTek P40, which was supposibly a nightmare for FTF/FTE problems.

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    I had one for about a year in 9mm. I so wanted to love the gun but oh man, if failed to feed and eject at least one round per magazine. I tried putting new springs in it and shooting about 400-500 rnds through it. It hated hollow points too. I bought two different brands of HP to try and one of the two jammed every single round. I finally sold it last summer. Maybe I just had a lemon but I wouldnt have trusted that gun for anything better than an ineffective club!
    I have since gone to almost exclusively carrying GLOCKS.
    Good luck!
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    I have several CZ-82's. Very reliable milsurp gun in 9x18 Makarov.
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    A CZ is on my list of "to buy" guns.
    I'm not sure if I want a Rami, A P-01, 75C or a 75D PCR
    (this doesnt even include a DW C-Bob, which is also on my list)

    Here are a couple of good sites to check out if you're interested in CZ's

    CZ Shooters

    CZ Forum
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