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Anyone carry a .22 revolver?

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Thread: Anyone carry a .22 revolver?

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    Anyone carry a .22 revolver?

    I've used a single six, though the long barrel is a problem.

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    ]SARGE45 wrote: "A safe area kinda like the mall in Omaha, Nebraska or Wendy's in Palm Beach, Florida or a quaint school zone, or..... Not be be a obvious but most mass shootings and killings occur in "safe areas" where the general populace would never think it can happen."

    While I don't disagree about the possibility of something negative happening in "a safe area", 10 shots from my .22 provide enough self defense for those situations. Many act as though one is unarmed if carrying a .22 -- and that is definitely not the case.

    In my 67 years, I have never had to point a loaded weapon at another person, not even during my military service. Guess I've been pretty fortunate. Hope it stays that way -- but I have a CCW license, just in case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artz View Post
    I want one of those BAD !
    This forum is constantly costing me money I do not have.

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    Those puppies are not cheap either!!!!!! But very nice indeed!
    John -
    "The story you are about to hear is true; the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

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    love shooting 22 LR ,but only as a last resort would i use for self defense,there are so many small compact pistols in.380,9mm,40,45,that thehad to conceal factor is almost benign unless your in a thong bikini,and in that case I don't wanta know where your conceal piece is.I live in South Texas so i know how hot summers get,heck it was in the 90's here in february

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    Quote Originally Posted by gold40 View Post
    Often there is a lot of "macho" in these discussions of stopping power --"mine is bigger than yours."

    While it is clear that bigger bullets do more damage, it is equally unclear that 3 or 4 .22 HP's won't/can't stop most assaults.
    So perhaps it's my machismo, which makes me think it's highly unlikely that I will get off four rounds in a typical FoF situation? It must be machismo that is telling me that most civilian FoF situations are at contact distances and are over in less than 3rds. It's gotta be machismo telling me that civilian self defense shootings where more than 2rds are used to stop the assault are 10x more difficult to defend in court.

    Hmmm... and all this time, I thought it was experience. Who knew.

    Man, and what about all the trainers and instructors I've learned from who told me to carry the largest caliber I could shoot accurately? Were they hiding their gold chains?

    Seriously though, and with no disrespect intended, it's not about a "macho" thing. It's about trying to suggest that people not trust in something that is more likely to get them killed than to save their lives.
    Two very good friends of mine are directors or ERs in two different hospitals. In talking to them, and researching the subject, one quickly discovers that most of these .22 shootings are not self defense. They are either crimes of passion, or opportunistic assaults. The multiple shots are taken from far greater distances than 99.999% of us are ever likely to encounter.

    With due deference, I concede that I'd much rather be shot in the arm with a 45 than in the head with a 22. Still, I will hedge my bets to the greatest degree and stick with the 45.
    "Happiness, is a warm gun" -St. John of Liverpool

    Proud to be an infidel.

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    I carried a six shot S&W snubbie in .22LR when I first got my permit. It was my first gun, sold to me by a friend for a nickel. It was not my first choice for personal defense, but I carried it for a few months until I could buy my first 9mm.

    In most self defense scenarios, no shots are fired. The act of displaying or drawing the gun is enough to end the encounter; a 22 works fine for that because nobody wants to get shot with a .22. But when the shooting starts, although a .22 can kill (ask any ER doc or nurse), it can't reliably stop an aggressive attacker.

    I gave that little revolver to my daughter; she keeps it for home defense but is saving for something of a larger caliber, too. After I gave it to her, I missed having it for times when I introduced a first-time shooter to the sport, so I went out and bought a S&W .22LR target pistol. That one cost more than a nickel!

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