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Help me pick my compact 1911

This is a discussion on Help me pick my compact 1911 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a Kimber steel compact, and a SA LW SS compact. I prefer the SA, and also like the lighter weight. I find I ...

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Thread: Help me pick my compact 1911

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    I have a Kimber steel compact, and a SA LW SS compact. I prefer the SA, and also like the lighter weight.
    I find I am more likely to carry a particular gun often if it is relatively light.

    The outstanding customer service of SA also is a very big factor when I choose to purchase one. They are unsurpassed and few are in their category in my experience.


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    KImber UC CDP II w/ VZ grips.

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    Thumbs up

    Springer get's my vote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Hate to say it I carry A RIA compact 1911 100% reliable with either cast reloads or factory JHPs,accurate and at sarcoinc dealer cost is $329.00
    I have a Charles Daly Compact, made by the same company - Armscor - as the RIA, same gun with a different finish and grips.
    It has been excellent, and I carry it most of the time.
    I have owned 6 Armscor made 1911's, own 2 now, all have been very reliable and extremely accurate.
    See the section on Armscors, the section on Dalys and the reviews of these pistols there.
    You should at least investigate these pistols - they might change your mind.
    FWIW, I started shooting 1911's in the 1970's, and all I own now are the Charles Dalys.


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    had my springer GI micro for 8 months now. it has been 100% from the gitgo. did take some looking to find a 7 round mag that would fully trip the slide lock. kimber 7 rounders work great.

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    From your list, with your criteria, I'd pick the Springfield in a heartbeat, no question in my mind.


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    I thinkd the best combination is as follows. Officers model grip length, preferably alloy frame and a 3.5" to 4" barrel. Since I don't own this perfect combo, the closest I have is a Kimber Compact II (all stainless) and a Colt Officers ACP (all blued steel). Edit to add from your list I would get the Springer.

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    springfield of course, but I would love to own a kimber

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    OD* is online now
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    I'd look into the Colt New Agent.
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    Go with the Springfield and you won't look back.
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    I'm going to wee-wee on the parade.

    Yeah, I'm the new guy and already stirring the pot.

    Sawed off 1911's have a real hit or miss reputation. They either run great right off or they're very expensive paperweights. Nothing is actually fitted on a production gun anymore, and timing is critical with the smaller 1911's. If they run, they seem to do so fairly well. If they don't, good luck trying to find a 'smith to wrench on them to time it right. Most won't touch anything under 4 1/4" unless it's a personal favor.

    I know it's just my opinion, but given that the hardest part of a pistol to conceal is the grip frame, why not consider something with a longer slide?

    Since I'm new and we're in the "getting to know you" phase, I'll state that the answer to most "I need a smaller gun" situations is actually "I need a better belt".

    Everyone dislike me yet?

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    Of those listed, I'd take the Springer. For whatever reason, I trust Brazilian steel over MIM made in India. On the other hand, I would take a Gen 1 Kimber and not look back. Great guns.
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    my vote is for kimber.
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    Unusual question

    Quote Originally Posted by 1911 guy View Post
    Everyone dislike me yet?
    I can't speak for the others...
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    I carry an Ultra Carry II most of the time, a Lightweight Bobtailed Commander the rest of the time. After I got the UCII broken in (took 800 Rds) it was a sweet firearm and dependable enough for me to trust my life to. I will not carry a gun 'til it fas fired 200 succesive Rds.
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