Question for those who shoot both Glocks and XD's

This is a discussion on Question for those who shoot both Glocks and XD's within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hereís my situation. I carry a Springfield XD9 subcompact, which I am very satisfied with. However, I wantÖ no, I NEED a .45ACP. Iíve handled ...

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Thread: Question for those who shoot both Glocks and XD's

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    Question for those who shoot both Glocks and XD's

    Hereís my situation. I carry a Springfield XD9 subcompact, which I am very satisfied with. However, I wantÖ no, I NEED a .45ACP. Iíve handled the XD45 compact, which is only slightly taller and longer than the XD9sc. Itís a good fit, and I will own one someday. But due to a number of factors, I feel it makes more sense now to buy a Glock .45ACP. Not that the factors matter in terms of the questions Iíll ask, but here are the factors that are leading me to buy a Glock next:

    1) Iíve noticed Glock after-market parts and replacement parts are much easier to find than XD parts.
    2) Iím not sure Springfield Armory has the rights to make XDís or XD parts in the U.S., in the event something catastrophic happens in Croatia.
    3) In a worst-case situation, the next U.S. administration may clamp down on high-capacity handguns. If that happens, there are many more Glock guns and parts already in the U.S. for me to have access to, much more than XD guns and parts.
    4) If I'm off on the other 3 points, maybe I just want a Glock.

    Iíve read similar Glock vs. XD threads here and at glocktalk. I know each gun has a strong following. Iím not taking a poll here; I (almost) know what I want, probably a G30 (but possibly a G27). I know the benefits of ammo compatibility with my other 9mm, but Iím discounting that now as not being as important as carrying a larger round. So posts like ďGet a GlockĒ or ďI have an XD45C, and itís greatĒ or ďGlocks point to the skyĒ, or ďTry a .45GAPĒ really donít mean much to me. Iím not interested in a Glock 36, .357SIG, .45GAP, or any Glock 9mm, at least for now. Iím also aware of the benefits of learning only one platform. But for now, I will discount that benefit in favor of the other factors I mentioned, and also because I think it might also be beneficial to learn more than one type of weapon platform.

    Now to my question: for those who have shot any Glock and any XD over the same time frame, how does switching back and forth between the grip angles affect your shooting? Do you find it affects your aiming, or your point shooting, or both? Or does your muscle memory take over depending on which gun you grab? And specifically, which Glock are you comparing, a full-size, a compact, or a subcompact?

    Iím keeping in mind the G30 grip is much shorter than the full-size Glock grip. When I held the G30, the difference in grip angle compared to the XD didnít seem as pronounced as when compared with the full-size Glock grip angle. But not having shot it yet, Iím not sure. I know a common comment is ďgo to the range, rent both, and then decide.Ē Iím not sure I could tell much in a few sessions, so Iím asking for comments from those who have fired both over a long period of time.

    Who has shot both Glocks and XD's over the same time frame and can provide me some input?

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    I don't have any trouble at all alternating between my Glock and XD. I love my XD .45: it points beautifully, absorbs recoil well and is accurate as well. The trigger is a lot lighter than my Glock (it's SAO) and, after I got used to it, I preferred it (not everybody feels this way).

    I don't really thing Croatia is going to blow up any time soon but I'm not so sure about Kosovo.

    I think you'd be happy with either choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grady View Post
    4)] . . . If I'm off on the other 3 points, maybe I just want a Glock.
    That is what I gleaned out of your dissertation. You have thrown in too many if's to be serious. Personally I will stick with my XD for concealed carry for safety reasons. It probably will not need a part in my lifetime anyway. However, if during my lifetime I need a part and the gun factory has blown up and parts become unavailable, I will use one of my other guns.

    My recommendation is that when you got the wants, get what you want without having to give a bunch of silly excuses (like when I am trying to sell my wife on something) and without someone here telling you what you should get. You know that you will get opposte answers and that they may all be as correct as the other.

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    I have an XD 45 Compact. I absolutely love it. I can close my eyes, raise it up, and the sights will be right on target. It points naturally, like a 1911.

    I have owned and shot a Glock 30. You are right in observing that with the short grip, the angle doesn't seem to feel as funky as most of the other full size or compact Glocks. The grip is a bit thicker than the XD, but I still find the G30 grip to be fairly comfortable.

    As far as difference in shooting...if you use aimed fire, they are both very accurate. I don't point shoot, I always use at least the front sight, so I can't offer any opinion on that method. I would think that at point shooting distance, there might not be a whole lot of difference between the two pistols.

    I find that for me, I am a bit more accurate in rapid fire with the XD or any other pistol with a more natural grip angle. With any Glock I've ever shot, the grip thickness and angle cause a longer reach to the trigger for my finger. I am only able to get the edge of the pad of my trigger finger on the trigger, and in rapid fire, this sometimes causes me to push a little low and left with my shots, if I don't really bear down and concentrate.

    With the XD or almost ANY other pistol, I can get the pad of my trigger finger squarely on the trigger. This means I can squeeze straight back on the trigger. My trigger control is much more sure and steady, and this of course helps with accuracy in aimed or rapid fire. This is mainly why I prefer the XD to any Glock. I am naturally more comfortable and accurate with the XD.

    With all of that being said, I still plan to purchase another G30 to have in my arsenal. There are a couple of reasons for this. The G30 is about 3 ounces lighter than an XD45 Compact, and a bit shorter. Three ounces might not seem like much, but remember, 4 ounces is 1/4 pound. It does make a difference on your hip.

    Even though I have the longer trigger reach with the G30, I'm accurate enough with it. It has typical Glock parts availability, and you can't throw a phone book without hitting 3 Glock armorers. Glocks certainly have their logistical advantages.

    Truly, I don't think there is a huge difference between the way they shoot in typical self-defense distances of 7 yards or less. You REALLY need to shoot each one to decide for yourself, if you can. Each person experiences recoil differently, and every hand is different. What works for one may not be right for another. The XD might have a bit more muzzle flip due to the higher bore axis, but it's a little heavier, so that helps dampen recoil. The G30 might kick a little more, but it might be more straight back, with less muzzle rise due to the low bore axis. I've always found that there is more felt recoil with the G30 for me, but not a whole lot more, and certainly not so much that I would avoid the G30 because of it.

    If you are only going to get one, I'd get the G30, based on your comments so far. It sounds like you are itching for at least one Glock in your arsenal, and I don't blame you. The G30 is my favorite Glock, hands down. If you are worried about a President Obama (ugh), get the G30 now and stock up on G21 mags for it. I think that if we get a bad deal in this year's election, I would worry more about the availability of high cap mags than the availability of parts from any one manufacturer.

    Although, in the pistols you are talking about, standard capacity is 10 rounds, "high caps" are 13 rounds. Although I vehemently disagree with any capacity limitations on magazines, in the grand scheme of things, 13 rounds vs. 10 rounds is not that big of a deal, if you ask me. Lots of people are comfortable with 1911's for CCW, with an 8 or 9 round capacity.

    You can always get the XD later. Contrary to what you might read on the internet, if you put a Glock and an XD in a gun safe together, they will not get into a fist fight.
    Slow is smooth.....smooth is fast.

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    Glocks and XDs get along just fine together. I know a few that have and like both, including my father in-law. I like them both, just prefer one a bit more than the other. I've shot them side by side a heap and don't have a problem going from one to the other. YMMV.

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    Ok, first, my two are a G19 and an XD45 Service.

    Honestly, I have no troubles at all switching between the two. I think because I am sighting up with the front sight with either pistol, ive never really noticed the difference in the grip angle, though I know its there. I do seem to notice that its easier to be accurate with my XD45.

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    I have trouble shooting point of aim with a Glock. But I have had Glock owners tell me they have trouble shooting with an XD. Enough practice and I think I would do much better with the Glock. I guess my bottom line is within 10-15 yards, it wouldn't make much of a difference to me which one I was shooting. Outside of 20 yards, my question would probably be "Why am I shooting with a handgun and why did I forget my rifle?"

    But for me, I do have trouble with accuracy when I switch back and forth at the range. Usually, within the first 1-2 shots, I have adjusted. But the first or second has resulted in some flyers...
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    I have an XD45 compact and Glock 22. No problem switching from one to the other. For me the trigger pulls are the biggest difference. However once you become comfortable with both it is a piece of cake. Get your Glock and enjoy both.
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    Thanks for the answers, all. I had no idea the effect of switching back and forth due to the grip angles since I hadn't tried it, but the consensus seems to be that it's almost a non-issue. If it had been an issue, I would have decided to go either all Glock or all non-Glock. I'm glad I don't have to make that choice now. Now it's just a matter of finding the right time to buy financially.

    Metro 40, thanks for all the time you spent on your very detailed and thorough reply. Very helpful!

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    My next new gun will be a Glock.... 3rd one in 2 years. I've shoot XD's and M&P's, but trusted Glock with my life. I just attended a Glock Armory class and now know the interworkings, and can strip a Glock down to it's basic parts (replace and/or fix any part).... wow what an unbelievably beautiful weapon.
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    I go back and forth between my XD9 and my Glocks all the time at the range but I always stay constant with my carry gun. I see no issues with the swapping. I would recommend going to a test fire range and shoot both your gun and then the Glock and see how it works for you.

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    GLOCK...something like 37 working parts in the ENTIRE gun armorer stripped. (its been a while since my armorers cert) Trust me if you can teach me to be an armorer in any weapons system it's simple. GLOCK also seems to have the most variety with "sameness" of any company out there. I have tried the xd...just not for me. The Glock just works for me... from what I have heard it is a matter of choice. GLOCK does have a longer more varied track record than the xd. food for thought
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    I own both and love both. I would say I lean a little more toward the XD as it is the better shooter accuracy wise. With the Glock you can get more parts and accessories. You might look into the new Glock 30SF ? It might be exactly what you looking for or try the XD 45 compact, you can't go wrong with either.
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    I don't own either (or any yet), but these were regular shooters during my process of renting to figure out what I wanted. Additionally my dad carries a G22 on duty, and I have been shooting that since I was about 13.

    In my opinion these guns are so very similar it comes down to what you shoot best. I shoot them both regularly at the range and find the XD a more natural fit- I shot it better off the bat (which was particularly significant since I had been shooting a Glock22 off and on for 7 some odd years), and for regular carry I like the grip safety. But after getting back to shooting twice a week for a couple weeks I was shooting both guns pretty identically- accuracy wise.

    But what it comes down to is what do you shoot best? If you can, try and rent them both if possible (in the .45) and see which you prefer.

    Personally I prefer the XD for several reasons, the best being the grip safety, but it's still second on my list. Keeping my eyes peeled for the elusive USP compact w/ stainless slide =D

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    I have two XD's - a 9 subcompact and a 45 Service. I also own four Glocks - a 21, 26, 30 and a 19. Like 'em all but I do prefer to shoot the XD's. Is either one better than the other. I don't think so. Just a matter of preference.
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