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This is a discussion on S&w19 2.5" within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by zero Does the catalog change the price/value based on barrel size at all? Also, are there descriptions on what makes the difference ...

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Thread: S&w19 2.5"

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    Quote Originally Posted by zero View Post
    Does the catalog change the price/value based on barrel size at all? Also, are there descriptions on what makes the difference between good and very good?
    No, the value is the same for all the common barrel lengths, 2.5, 4. and 6 inch.

    Basically, the difference between VG and G is the amount of original finish remaining (85% for VG, 75% for G). A VG gun must have all original major parts, no corrosion or pitting, & minor scratches are acceptable. A gun in G condition can have properly fitted replacement parts, with legible markings, minor repairs & light pitting are OK.

    Hope this helps.

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    It does help. Info is powerful stuff.

    I appreciate it.

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    Zero, The 19 2.5's are commanding a higher price than the longer barrel lengths due to their concealability. Did some quick shopping around the internet and the average price is hovering in the $500.00 area. They are no longer being made and folks are buying them up for CCW's and investments. As I stated before they are Xcellent guns. My 3" is the most accurate handgun I own. Here are 2 pics of my 23 YOA model 66.

    I am not a gunsmith but here are a few things you definately want to check out:
    Look at the recoil shield. If you see where the cases have recoiled back and left a permanent mark you will know it's been shot alot. You will really notice this at the firing pin.
    Make sure the cylinder locks up tight when cocked on all chambers.
    Check for fore and aft movement on the cylinder. Should be tight when cocked and uncocked.
    Look at the forcing cone closely for cracks.
    Check the barrel and chambers. Both should be bright and shiny.
    Chech out the screws on the sideplate. They should not be buggered up. If they are a Saturday gunsmith has been inside the inner workings. Not a good thing.
    Bluing loss is no big deal if it's been a carry gun but rust = neglect.

    The Smith & Wesson Forum has loads of S&W experts on it who can give you lots of advice on this subject.

    Good luck,
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    I have a 2 ½ 19-5 I bought a few years ago, fantastic weapon, has no preference for ammunition I shoots anything well. Around here they generally go for $450 to $500 no matter what condition they are in. The only problem I have had with it was the ejector rod, it kept loosening up but a drop of LocTite fixed that.

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    I have a few 19's and am always looking for more. Carried a 19-3 for a duty gun back in the 80's before wunder 9's came on strong . All 19's -1,-2, -3,-4, had the pinned barrel and recessed cylinder holes(like a counter bored hole to enclose the rim of the shell). The term pinned and recessed is a higher dollar value listed by sellers like on Gunbroker or Auction Arms online sales. The 19-5 were made without the pinned and recess and still a fine weapon. Always keep the box it came in as those are premium priced for collectors.
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