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This is a discussion on Pocket carry... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i pocket carry a p3at in a uncle mikes small auto holster. or belt clip it with the kel tec belt clip. both ways work ...

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    i pocket carry a p3at in a uncle mikes small auto holster. or belt clip it with the kel tec belt clip. both ways work well and i can not tell i got the gun on. now with the s&w model 60 i clip draw it most days. the clip draw belt clip is the best when you want to carry the old wheel gun. rides low under the belt and you can not tell the gun is there behind the pants. the ankle holsters have gone to the foot locker when i got the clip draw belt clip for the model 60.
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    I easily pocket carry my G27 with cargo pants. Any other pants usually requires a different carry method or smaller gun.
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    I pocket carry everyday with my Seecamp LWS32. It's a great little gun and I can pocket carry it in any pair of pants I need to without anyone ever being able to see it. I carry it every day at work where you're not even allowed to carry, and nobody has any idea..

    Nothing like the feeling of comfort you get by having your gun in your hand, ready to draw when needed, without anyone knowing it.

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    I also find that while the Revolver makes a "bulge" it is not distinquishable as a gun, just a lump.
    Exactly right. I have a titanium taurus 85 in a nemisis in right front pocket that weighs less (13.5 oz.) than my car keys and junk in the left front. I tried a cw9 with t he same setup and it looked like a brick instead of a bulge.

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    (IMHO), I strongly suggest the Kel Tec PF-9. It's an extremely small, durable and pretty accurate 9mm. I prefer to carry it in my pocket and a G36 in IWB. The PF-9 is only slightly larger than the P3AT and is still very very light. I would also strongly recomend one of these pocket holsters: Pocket Holsters
    Also, the PF-9 can be had for approx $300 - Here's one in a gunbroker auction: GunBroker.com guns: Kel Tec PF9 9mm new in box (item: 93982812 ends: Mar-07-08 05:52:42 PM)

    Look on the Kel Tec Website for all the specs!

    P.S. Glocks are great pistols, but too large (ie. G26, G27, or especially G36) for my pockets

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    My two pocket carries are an S&W 442 in a Mika and a NAA Guardian .32 in a Nemesis.

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    Here's my pocket carry/bug:

    Deep concealment for hugging situations:

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    I picked up a S&W 642 last night after asking the same questions and preparing for summer in FL. Good luck.
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    I am amazed what some of you guys can carry in your pockets. Some of you could carry a full sized 1911.
    I have been lookikng at the Kahr PM9 and it barely fits into my front jeans pocket. Problem is I don' know what to do with the stuff I have in that pocket.
    These things are not as easy as one would like to believe.
    I just started carrying a Kimber CDP [4" 19111] works great under a sweatshirt, but in my business most people don't wear a shirt outside their pants and I stand and sit constantly as well a drive.
    I can already tell the Kimber ain't gonna work for summer carry; knit shirts and such, thus the Kahr PM9.
    Best wishes

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    First 2 up Corbon DPX 38+P.
    Last 3 Double Tap 125 grain 38+P.
    (1100 fps/335 ME from 2 inch barrel)
    This allows me to get 2 off fast
    and more energy with the last 3, if needed.
    I bought the 340 for the light weight.
    Tried different 357's, but follow up shots were too slow.

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    I agree...

    Quote Originally Posted by golfer View Post
    I am amazed what some of you guys can carry in your pockets. Some of you could carry a full sized 1911...
    Here in SE Texas it's hard for me to wear a cover garment most of the time - just too hot for a fat man like me to be wearing two shirts. While waiting for my permit to arrive, I purchased a Kahr PM-9 that thinking it would be a pocket gun, but found that it is too big for my liking. It lives IWB, or I pocket carry a 642 or Rohrbaugh R-9 in a Nemisis. Think I might try their "super fly" however, as I sometimes need to add a layer of plastic/cardboard to reduce printing with the R-9...

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    I cary the Kahr PM9 in a Uncle Mikes #3 pocket holster. It wors great in all types of pants. There is a noticable bluge in geans but it is not something people pick up on.

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