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How often do you clean your firearm?(MERGED)

This is a discussion on How often do you clean your firearm?(MERGED) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; after evertime i shoot, no matter how many rounds. on "q" days on the job it takes me two days to clean all of the ...

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Thread: How often do you clean your firearm?(MERGED)

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    after evertime i shoot, no matter how many rounds. on "q" days on the job it takes me two days to clean all of the weapons i shoot.
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    I've always cleaned after every shoot, regardless of the round count. I don't shoot my rifle very much, but I keep it in a zippered case, so I don't worry about cleaning if it isn't used for a while.

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    I clean after every trip to the range. It was drummed into my head to do it that way back in my Army days, and I'm a "If-It-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it" kind of guy...
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    After every range session.

    Quote Originally Posted by mike28w View Post
    Do folks have any suggestions for a cleaner that doesn't make the gun smell like a freshly cleaned gun ??
    I have stared using Simple Green at about 6:1. Because it dose not evaporate quickly I will hit the parts with compressed air before lube, and reassembly.

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    Anyone ever heard that you can excessively clean a firearm too much over it's lifetime and damage it?

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    After evey range session- field stripped and cleaned. Periodically wipe down with silicone cloth between times. Break Free and FP10.
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    I was always taught right after a range trip, break er down as far as I can and clean it the hell out of it, my carry does get looked at and stripped monthly and oiled, my others get re-oiled the night before a range trip. I have a humidifier in my safe so I don't really worry about rust.

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    I would like to follow suite here, but I cannot honestly say I clean mine after every time I shoot them. Let the , , and begin.

    My 1911s get cleaned every 200 or so rounds or monthly, which ever comes first or whichever I remember. They do, however, get oil frequently.

    My M&Ps get cleaned probably every 1,000 rounds or monthly and oiled and inspected every time I shoot them or holster them for carry. Seeing that the M&Ps are combat pistols, I feel they should be able to take some abuse.

    Maybe I am wrong, but that's my credo. If someone could provide expert testimony as to why a gun should be cleaned EVERY time it is shot, I may change my ways.

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    A thorough cleaning after any firing. Once a week I take a patch and put one drop of Break Free on it and run it thru the bore to get any lint and dirt then I wipe the gun down. Since the gun is stainless, I think thats all thats necessary unless I get it in a situation where I got it dirtier or wetter. IF I were carrying a blued weapon, then I would wipe it down every night.

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    I clean after every range visit. I "spot clean" my carry gun once a week. I also do a function check every morning. Is this something other folks do as well, or am I just odd?
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    Clean your Firearm

    How often do you clean your firearm? I clean mine everytime I go to the range and shoot. Also, if it has been a few weeks I'll put some EEsox on the slide and surface.

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    I run the boresnake (dry) through it every time I shoot. I strip, blow out with compressed air, wipe with a cloth and wipe wear points with oiled cloth about once a month.
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    I clean mine after shooting. If they sit for too long without shooting, I'll rub them down - probably not as often as I should. They all still look & function like near new so it's working..

    I've been meaning to ask a couple of questions:

    1) Break-Free cleaner/lube - I've heard both sides regarding this product, both from supposed professionals. What's your opinion?

    2) When I was in boot camp, I found that taking a shower with my M-16 was the fastest and most thorough way of cleaning out the sand and dirt. After drying the parts they were much easier to clean, then with a nice lube job the gun looked and performed like new. I was usually the 1st finished and had the cleanest weapon. Others soon followed. Obviously, the parts need to be dried but aside from that, is there any harm?

    I also passed many inspections with the help of black glossy spray paint but that's a different story..

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    I usually clean my carry gun every week unless I go to the range, then its as soon as I get home. As for the rest of my guns, as often as I can or every time I shoot them. I've also been told several times that Im obsessed but theres not a guns anonymous meeting anywhere so I think Ill be fine
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