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Wife needs a carry gun

This is a discussion on Wife needs a carry gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Euclidean I won't knock a .380 if it'll get someone to carry and shoot. How many situations are there where any gun ...

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Thread: Wife needs a carry gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euclidean
    I won't knock a .380 if it'll get someone to carry and shoot. How many situations are there where any gun at all would have saved someone's life? I recall an incident an instructor told me about a woman who had been kidnapped and stuffed in a trunk managed to dig her carry gun, a .22 revolver, out of deep concealment. When her kidnapper opened the trunk, she shot him in the face and killed him.
    Had a similar event in this area a few years ago: Lady was kidnapped from a mall parking lot and shoved into the spacious trunk of an older Lincoln Continental. Her attacker took great delight in telling her thru the seat cushions what he was going to do to her. In the trunk area, the lady in question shifts her position so that she is firmly braced against the huge standard sized spare tire. Her attacker suddenly gets a panicked idea that she may have a cell phone and be using it to call the police. He swerves off the road and drives into a large empty field. He jumps from the car, dashes to the trunk and opens it fully. The "victim" then pumps all five rounds into his chest from a range of five feet using a S&W Model 60 loaded with 38sp +P JHP. He dies on the spot. Had she been using a 22LR, those five shots might have indeed killed him and maybe quickly or maybe not. But either 22 or 38 it still beats the cell phone option the cops and media would have us swallow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    .380 is 9x17 - ain't it!

    Mak is 9x18 and Luger/Parabellum is the 9x19.
    never thought about it. Could be.

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    I'll add this. As much as I like the Bersa, being its caretaker for a while told me that as long as I can get by on my .38 wheelguns, I won't be buying a .380. The felt recoil wasn't appreciably less than a 9mm. Might as well get the cheaper, more powerful ammunition.

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    Well I need to jump in on this as I have a Kahr P9, a Bersa .380, a J frame S&W .38, a Kel-Tec .380 and small hands for a guy. The Bersa is the most accurate pistol I have bar none but the grip is fat compared to the kahr and it's a LOT heavier. I think if someone handled and fired those two weapons they'd pick the kahr every time. The only, and I mean ONLY reason why I think someone would pick the bersa over the kahr would would be price. But a plain jane Kahr P9 can be had for right at $500.00. It shoots as well/better, it had a better grip for most folks with small hands. I like glocks but find them and most higher capcity weapons to be too fat. That makes it harder to conceal and it makes it harder to get a good grip on the trigger. With the Bersa, the SA trigger is tops but the reach for the trigger in DA is a stretch. The Kahr P9 is single stack and designed to be flatter at "under" 1" in thickness. The kahr is lighter, simpler, flatter, and shoots a much better round with reliability that rivals a glock. It just doesn't seem to make any sense to carry a Bersa .380 when someone can carry a Kahr P9 unless they're only going on price and looks.

    I like the j frame but you mentioned she doesn't and it is a lot harder to be accurate with. My kel-tec is only a fair bug/pocket pistod due to reliablity issues.

    I got my Bersa to qualify for my CC before I'd done a lot of research. I like it but it can't compare to the Kahr. The P9 version of the kahr gives me exactly a full grip and the recoil is not bad at all.

    I don't know the size of you wife, but I'd encourage her to at least feel a Kahr p9.

    I think it's great that you have a wife with similar interests!

    God Bless

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    Thank for all the great replys.

    I would perfer a 9mm over a .380 and I have and will encourage her to consider a 9mm. But the size and weight of the gun is the primary consideration. I have a Kahr K9 and like it a lot. She has shot it with no problems. She has made reference to the K9 and wanted something "A little smaller and lighter". That would leave a Kahr PM9 as a option. Some concerns with the PM9 are recoil although only for occational practice. Were not looking at a high volume shooter. I have heard mixed reviews on the reliablity of the polymer Kahrs. Any comment on this would be very helpful.

    I have never handled a Kahr PM9 but have handled the Bersa, Walther PPK and Sig 232. Of the last 3 the Sig had the fattest grip.

    How does the the recoil compare between a K9 and a PM9? If I can talk her into a 9mm. Also how does the recoil spring compare between the 2 Kahrs while move the slide?

    I will have her look at a Glock 26 but it has a pretty fat grip and slide and I think would be harder to conceal.
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    You do know that Kahr makes a P9 covert that is as reliable as the K9, but shorter grip and lighter (same slide though). The PM's seem to be the problem children in the Kahr line, particularly the PM40's. The P9 coverts are available very reasonably at On Point Firearms (www.onpointfirearms.com). If you can find one, the Colt Mustang and Pony Pocketlites are supposed to be good .380's.

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    I have the Kahr P9, It's never failed in any way after several thousand rounds. It's all kinds of accurate and the trigger is very smooth. I also have read, and am inclined to believe, that there tend to be more problems with the PM9. If your wife wants something smaller than a P9 there is almost nothing to choose from that has the same reliability in a 9mm, etc unless you go w/pocket pistols that can become harder to shoot accuragely and that can have significant recoil. My P9 conceals far better than my J frame S&W due to the cylnder bulge and is only a fraction longer. There really isn't anything else at this end of the scale for the size, reliability, caliber, etc. The next step down are your .32 acp's, the kel-tec 's, etc. All the other comparable weapons are quite a bit thicker in the grip or are a lot heavier, or both. The grip on the P9 gives you a firm grip with ALL fingers which helps w/recoil, followup shot placement, etc. The PM9 is as long in the barrel but has the short grip that only let's me have two fingers on the grip. I've never fired one so I can't comment on the effect that has on recoil but I believe it will make the recoil more noticeable.

    If someone want a little larger weapon with 10+ capacity, there are dozens to choose from, but if you want something small, thin, light, reliable, and at least a 9mm then the kahr is the only gun I know of that fills that niche. Just about every .380 I've fired or handled that is of a PPK variety, or bersa, is thicker longer, heavier and harder to conceal. When Moon designed the Kahr polymer line he knew what he was going after. As a short guy (5'7") with small hands, I wanted something that was reliable, thin (for concealability and comfort while carrying) gave me a good grip, good trigger, no secondary safeties or any other external workings to forget, mess up, etc. I did a LOT of research and handled/fired a lot of guns and if there's any other weapon that fits the bill like the Kahr P series, I'm unaware of what it is. I did try some of the glocks (always wanted one) but I found the grip angel uncomfortabel and after holding the Kahr, the glock felt thick. It didn't put my finger where I wanted it.

    As I said, when you get into this area, there just aren't alot of choices. I liked the Taurus millenium 9mm but it also feels big and chunky compared to the Kahr.

    She'll find what she likes but I think it's good to help guide new gun owners. I know they need to make the final decision but if they'll listen, an experienced person can help them decide and help keep them from buying something that they won't ultimately be satisfied with. Good Luck!


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    There a lot of people that carry the 380 every day and feel the are well armed. Many of those people carry the 380 Bersa as well. The Bersa is a good little pistol with a good trigger. I perfer my 45's but a lot of time I have my Bersa or PPK/S on me I don't feel under gunned with either one. Come visit at bersatalk.com
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    Whatever she buys just make sure she can cycle the slide. My wife had some problems pulling the slide back on the makarov, and most of the small blow-back guns have a pretty stiff spring.
    My wife recently tried a Wather PPK/S. She couldn't move the slide very well and couldn't remove the slide at all to clean it.


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