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Choose 2 guns to stake your life on...

This is a discussion on Choose 2 guns to stake your life on... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Glock 17 and my AK. Close between the AK and the Mossberg....

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Thread: Choose 2 guns to stake your life on...

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    Glock 17 and my AK.

    Close between the AK and the Mossberg.
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    I would go to AZ's house and I have only seen a part of his family. You got room AZ

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    On the fly? I'd take my 1911 and my .30-06. I don't miss (near or far) with either of them. If I have time to bury some, the 870 and the SKS make the ride. NP on ammo on any of them - assuming I can bury some. If it's on the fly, I can take plenty of .45 and .30-06 (very accurate hand loads), my hunting backpack (with it's related survival components) and it's AMF.

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    I guess id take my G19 and my Mossberg 590.

    i think if I lived out in the country though, I might consider my M44 too. Yeah, its old, its bolt action, its rough, but it'll punch a hole in sumpin'

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    My SA 1911 and my trusty 870 riot. Thats what I would choose for 2 weapons. My ready TSIHTF kit also includes my RRA Tactical Entry, Beretta Vertec and model 70
    .270 Winchester. Oop's, almost forgot my Ruger 10/22 converted to a Krinker Plinker (Great conversion kit) with 5k rds of .22. Mine is the one on the bottom.

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    Firearms of choice would be my Beretta 92fs and my AR-15. I am comfortable with both, they are the guns I shoot the most, and they are the one's my kids shoot the most should I ever need to put them in their hands. Plus parts and ammo should both be able to be had without to much difficulty. The only hard part is deciding to bury them. I like shooting them to much to be without them... so I guess I'd better start saving up for another pair.

    For the survival aspect, and since it wasn't confiscated, I would take my bow with me as well. I've only tried to hunt birds with it once (embarrassing is not even close to the correct word), but just about any mammal, I could get easily... relatively speaking. It is silent so as not to alert anyone to where I am, and with the right broadheads I wouldn't wouldn't have to worry much about ammo for a good long while.
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    My 1911 and my M1. If I want something else I'll take it from the dead.

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    If I only could have two....I guess I'd take my Sig 226 .40 and my AR. Mostly because I won't have to clean the Sig much, and I like being able to change magazines with the AR.


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    My Glock 21, 45acp and my AK47, Both are 100% reliable, parts and ammo are easy to get, I also like the knock down power of both the 45 and the 762x39and the capacity of rounds they both carry.
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    given that situation.... a smith 6" barrelled stainless .22 magnum revolver, and an Remington upland special 870 in 12 ga.
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    AR10 in .308 and a 1911
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    A pistol would be third or fourth. First two would be an 308 AR-15 set up for close and mid range contact and a Remington 700 to reach out and touch someone or game. Both eat 308 or 7.62 so ammo should not be a problem. Next would be the Mossberg 590 last would be a 1911 .45
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    Current gun-Glock 23 and some type of AK-47..

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    a ruger 10/22 rifle and a ruger mark 1/2/3 pistol. both in 22lr cal, easy to find ammo. and can be used to get larger guns from others if needed. will do the job at hand. but the ammo part is the best factor.
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    Springfield XD45 Tactical and an AK-47. If it truly is TEOTWAKI, and I need to switch to 9mm for some reason, there will be plenty of Glock 19s laying around.
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