This forum has helped me solidify some things...

This forum has helped me solidify some things...

This is a discussion on This forum has helped me solidify some things... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I came to some conclusions thanks to the people of this forum. I believe I will be sticking with Glocks for my future purchases for ...

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Thread: This forum has helped me solidify some things...

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    This forum has helped me solidify some things...

    I came to some conclusions thanks to the people of this forum. I believe I will be sticking with Glocks for my future purchases for the sake of familiarity with their system and living on a budget. I would like to own some other types of handguns, but that just gives me something to look forward to when I have a better job and more disposable income. This also allows me to save for magazines and ammunition. I also think I will stick with the handgun calibers I currently own instead of expanding my caliber selection. This makes logistics easier. I have narrowed my next purchase to either a Glock 26, a Glock 27, or a Glock 17. Thank you all for your help, it is very much appreciated.

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    I don't think I did much for you, but consistency is one of my goals - G17 and G26 (2) - same manual of arms, same calibers, same holsters. Guess I'm just an old dog.
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    While I have various handguns, and think there is nothing like the handling of a 1911, if I were starting over, and know what I know now, I would go with Glocks. I have a G26, and the trigger does not bother me.

    I think Glocks are among the absolutely most reliable and easily maintained of all handguns. All 5 commercial 1911 that I have purchased have had to go back to the factory for reliability work. The Glock just shoots whatever I put in it.
    The Glocks are less expensive also than most 1911s.

    You have made an excellent choice.


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    What Jerry said.
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    Glock's are becoming my favorite weapon. Personally, I prefer the Glock compact size (19 and 23), but just this past Monday I shoot the 26. I'll be adding a 26 soon (I hope by the end of the month).

    Find a range that rents those guns and shoot each for yourself and find out which one YOU LIKE BEST.
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    Well, it sounds like you've got it goin on. Good for you! Nothing like Glock. It's kind of a system. If I had a grand to spend right now---it wouldn't be on a "high-end" pistol, it would be a couple Glocks. Just got my G19 after having the full size and the baby for a long time. It definitely fills some sort of void, and I believe it's going to rank number one very soon! Stick with what's best for you--stick with your system. Glock on!

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    You can't go wrong with a Glock. They're reliable, servicable and My brother is an M&P guy and he says the same about them, but a streamlined Glock with replaceable backstraps is not a Glock bro.

    My 23 conceals well thanks to Mernickle and always goes bang. Good luck Barbary.


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    My first handgun purchase after 35 years was a Glock 19. I liked the reliability, how well I could shoot it, the reliability, the size, the reliability, the ammo capacity, the reliability, the light rail, and of course the reliability. It's had about 3,000 rounds through it as a mix of about every bullet weight and manufacturer out there, and a thousand of my reloads, and it has never, ever, even once, failed to go bang, jammed, stovepiped, double fed, or had a feed or fire malfunction of any kind.

    Did I mention I like the reliability?

    The only problem I've ever had with it I fixed myself. The after market rear night sight came loose once - it was installed by a gunsmith - not Glock's fault in any way. I decided to fix it myself - took it to the range, got it sighted in at 50', carefully removed the lock screw, put a drop of Blue LockTITE on it, put it back in, immediately test fired it to be sure the zero hand't shifted (it hadn't) and it has been totally perfect ever since.


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    I have a G19 that I bought for practice for work ( we will soon be changing over to the G32 ). They both have the same frame size. The G19 is a smooth shooting pistol ! I was going to get the 32 but I decided that the 9mm ammo is way cheaper. I think the Glock is a excellent duty weapon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kzooglockman View Post
    My brother is an M&P guy and he says the same about them, but a streamlined Glock with replaceable backstraps is not a Glock
    You say that like it's a bad thing...............
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    While the Glock does not work for me, I believe you have made a good descision based on sound reasoning.
    You could have chosen a fewe pistols which might have made us think you were nuts, but the Glocks work well and if the fit you; that's a good combination.

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