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My Hi Power with purty grips

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Thread: My Hi Power with purty grips

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    The Hi-Power is indeed the most visually appealing of John Browning's creations!
    Something tells me the pix don't do the grips justice.
    Taking a look at the extended safeties ... ever notice how UGLY those things are, and how they spoil the sculptured lines of John M.'s invention ... until the first time you use them? Then they're LOVELY!!
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    Yeah, I really have to apologize for my photo. It was taken in my kitchen, directly under florescent lights. Ichiro I ain't.
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    May I add another BHP grips pic?

    I got my coco bolo grips from CDNN and believe they are Herrett's.

    That's a Cylinder and Slide wide extended safety exuding it's ugliness there, as well.

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    I'm also a Red Sox fan with a taste for nice HPs, too!

    I cut my autoloader teeth on a nice 1973 Hi-power.
    Have liked them ever since.
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    I never thought of a High Power as a pretty gun until I saw these pics. Now I am seriously jealous.
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    Nice gun, nice grips.
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    Great looking pistol! Sold a 1977 model years back and regretted it ever since. Have this one on layawy and can't wait to get'er home.
    Only mod's I'm doing to it are a C&S tactical safety and a Novak trigger job as my first one had to have had a 9lb. pull. Love 1911's but BHP's are the classiest looking pistols ever made IMO.

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    HP's are one great design !!!!!

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    I got the CDNN grips also...for 30 bucks, they're hard to beat.

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    About a year ago I came across my first BHP, a 1977 model, and though I am a 45apc guy, really liked the guns lines and the way it felt in my hand. I went ahead and bought it, took it to the range and then really began to like it. I have always preferred a nice set of wood grips on my semi-autos and this gun had the checkered rubber Pachmyer's. I decided to make some changes to the gun and bought some parts from Cylinder & slide to do so. I did not realize that they also had a nice set of wood grips for it as well, and ata very reasonable price. I bought them and man what a difference they make. I then bought two more BHP's and found a guy selling his Spegel grips for that gun. They really make the gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraph View Post
    I've always thought the Herrett's grip stocks were nice looking, and the price for them at CDNN is certainly hard to beat! Sadly, for me, I can't use cocobolo grips, because something in the cocobolo burns my skin (I've actually gotten painful blisters from cocobolo grips, and also from a cocobolo rosary my sister got for me Costa Rica). Anyway, here's my Hi-Power with "purty" grips, a set of Spegel macassar ebony grips I bought from Lightning Arms Sports (thanks, Craig).
    I have the same problem with Pao Ferro wood grips. I had to have the grips on my Kahr T40 MMc redone and sealed, I could not even handle the gun with them on.

    As far as Hi Powers, I own three. Best looking pistol JMB designed. The grips from CDNN are hard to beat. I have a pair on my 40. Some day I'll learn how to post pics...

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