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This is a discussion on Glock Questions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Taurus to Glock ? Um, Yugo to Corvette would be the similar comparison there....

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Thread: Glock Questions

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    Taurus to Glock ? Um, Yugo to Corvette would be the similar comparison there.

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    It doesn't matter how many well-written opinions accurately express the views of either side of the GLOCK queston. I have a Gun Shop owner/friend who hates them so deeply that he won't buy or trade for one. That's his choice & he's not the only guy who feels that way.

    But they have a documented record of remarkable reliability & durability, with a worldwide following of serious shooters who view them as the benchmark by which all defensive pistols are currently measured. A new, innovative design in an already crowded market doen't make an impact like GLOCK has...unless at least some of its features are unique & desirable.

    Go rent a GLOCK & bring along with some quality ammo. Then try to make it quit. Do everything you know to do in an effort to make it malfunction. I think you'll find, as I have, that (regardless of the opinions of others) you'll eventually decide you didn't bring enough ammo. GLOCKS ROCK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by armado View Post
    I have a Glock 30 and carry it on many different sports activities.
    WHAT kind of sports do you play!!??

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    Did we not discuss some of this here?:
    So you are certain now the Glock is what you're going for? In my opinion, you hear more about the G30 as compared to the G36 because of the magazine capacity. For some of the same reasons some shy away from Glocks are the lack of some form of external safety device for which they feel a need. Glock has safety devices just like any other pistol. Fact is----the last safety is the one with the pistol. Some folks just don't feel that confident. So---same reasons for choosing the pistol with higher capacity over one with minimal capacity--even if the latter is better concealed. Personally, I'd like to get a G36, but in my case the G19 came first. I don't really miss my G30 because it just wasn't right for me in the fit. After trading the 10+1 capacity in the smaller 45 package, I opted for a full size SIG in 45acp with 8+1 capacity. This pistol just works better for me than the former Glock.

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    Glocks have a proven track record. There is a reason that so many law enforcement agencies dictate Glocks as the deptartment weapon. Their failure rates are low. There could be a better looking gun out there - but none can beat the reliability of a Glock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwalker497 View Post
    If the 36, is technically the smallest, why isnt talked about more?? I mean to me, it seems the 30 is more popular?
    I'll give three possible reasons for this... 1) the Glock 30 has been around longer than the 36. 2) the 36 seemed to have a few hickups in the early models and this turned some people off...I haven't heard of any problems with any of the 36s these days though so I'd guess that they are good to go 3) magazine capacity was placed higher on many people's priority list than the extra thickness of the G30.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwalker497 View Post
    I mean the mechanism is basically the same compared to other semi's
    That part cracked me up, It's like saying all cars are basically the same!

    Glocks must be like the ol' VW Bug then... J/K

    I tend to like my 1911's and SIG's but the new Glock 30SF does look like it would be a sweet gun to carry and it probably will out live you!
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    I don't know that I can add anything illuminating here, but I have three and offer the following:

    • I knew nothing about handguns and wanted a flatter learning curve;
    • I wanted the same manual of arms for all of my handguns;
    • I wanted as few moving parts as possible;
    • I wanted proven reliability;
    • I am not a "tinkerer";
    • I wanted it as a tool that always performed without undue "messin' around with";
    • I didn't care if it was steel, poly, aluminum, or paper mache if it met my criteria; and
    • I don't care if its ugly or cute

    Other than that, they're kind of like driving a 12 year old chevy
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    Ok not adding a lot here-

    I hate glocks. Always have. Oh, I carry one every waking moment... but sure dont like it. It's been 100% reliable with everything I've thrown at it, super simple, but what good is that ? It's just ugly and soulless.

    Showing up at the range with a glock is so - boring. Everyone has one. Blah! I'd much rather show off my P239, 1911 in .38, or even a slab side Mk2.

    But geez that glock gets the job done every day, functions well, very inexpensive mags, parts available everywhere if you need them, and a common platform to boot.

    The action is mechanically as simple as possible and elegantly so. Passive safeties do render the gun safe (yet remeber your rules). Excellent design really makes for interchangeability.

    Yup I do hate the glocks. Run like clockwork though :)

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    They're ugly as a hillbilly smile, but incredibly tough and reliable. If asthetics mean nothing to you and you're just looking for a tool to save your life then they're hard to beat.
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    when I first started daily carry I wanted and bought a stainless pistol because it looked cool.After a while I changed my thinking to not care how cool it looked because no one should see it if im responsible with it. At that point I looked for something I could count on that was small in size large in caliber, accurate, durable,easy to get parts and holsters for and interchangeable mags.The glock 27 was my choice and when I went to look at one it was the ugliest gun ive ever held.I laughed about how it was like carring a brick.Then I shot one and it felt good and It hit where it was supposed to.I bought it and love it.Because its ugly and a daily carry I dont care what it looks like or if it gets wear marks or scratched its a tool not one of my "good guns" its perfect for what it was purchased to do.Thats to get me home to my wife and kids everyday and it hasnt failed me yet.

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    Well the only thing I can add to this is for 20 years as a LEO I carried a Glock for my primary weapon and my back up was a Glock...........they have never failed me.
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    buy the won't regret it (though personally, I'd go with a 19 instead of a 30, 30sf, or 36).

    As far as looks go...are they ugly? yes, but who cares.
    AFAIC, looks should not be a consideration when choosing a fighting gun. If you want something pretty to play with at the range, by all means buy something pretty.

    If you want a reliable, accurate tool, buy a Glock.
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    I can't seem to get my Glock 19 to jam at all. I've limp wristed it, I've shot the cheapest ammo I could find, it just keeps working. When you want a semi-auto that you can trust your life on, Glock is one you should consider. I think the proof is on the hips of law enforcement and security personnel. They may not be the prettiest of guns, but they certainly do work, and are very accurate.
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    I posted this on GLOCKTALK a year or so ago... took some digging for me to find, but my opinion on the Glock relative to an HK...

    When Gaston designed the Glock, he had two major design constraints.

    1) The gun had to be RELIABLE,
    -go bang every time,
    -perform with little maintenance as seen in battle / fighting conditions..

    2) The gun had to be inexpensive to build /
    -CHEAP to manufacture
    -Easy to produce.

    #2 is the humdinger here. Plastic is prevelant in the Glock, nowhere else in the industry is so much plastic used and used so well (yes this "USED WELL" kicks most of the contenders out of the competition ). Glock did the homework to understand limitations on plastic and where it could be used. Lets look closer at the Glock, often times refered to as a block... It is a block, note the minimal machining on the slide. everything is prettymuch square...Why? Not because Glock did not want an asthetically pleasing gun, no... that machining cost time and money...a piece of barstock is square, the slide is thus pretty much square. Look at the striker channel, lined with a plastic sleeve... Why???? Corrosion is often sighted, but think about machining again... it is a bearing surface. You can maintain tooling, cut and polish -> spend time and money, or you can line it with a plastic sleeve that cost less than $0.005 in materials and move on. Sights, why plastic.... COST AGAIN... Everywhere plastic could be used it was... why, molding is cheaper than machining, stamping, diecasting, etc... Plastic Molding tolerences are easily maintained, materials are readily available, molding tools are cheap, easy to maintain, and last millions of shots. (kind of like the Glock)

    If you do a cost estimation on materials in a Glock, you come in somewhere south of $60... Once the Glock was in production it rapidly became a success due to low cost to purchase and maintain. Replacement parts are CHEAP, and reliable, do not need custom fitting (tolerences again) and can be installed by a 2nd grader (do not take this literally - just trying to make a point). Now Gaston has no incentive to offer better materials, afterall he is making BIG $$$ and remember he did his homework, he knows that his plastic parts will work if made to spec.

    I have read many people on GT bash HK due to the cost. Lets compare the two (Glock and HK) and look for cost drivers... The HK slide is contoured, stepped and beveled... LOTS OF MACHINING. Metal Parts abound... COST DRIVER... Fit and Finish is a bit better....COST DRIVER.... Volume sales is lower ... COST DRIVER (low volume production tooling increases purchase price).... etc.. etc... Lets look at just one item: Steel sights vs Plastic sights. The plastic in the Glock sights is maybe $0.13, standard molding practices would mold 50-80 pieces in around 20 seconds. Only finish operation is a pad printing operation that can be done for next to nothing...In contrast the HK sights are steel; require Machining ($$$), Finishing ($$$) and fitting ($$$)

    Back to #1 --> Reliability
    This is the wonder of Glock.... I often encourage Engineering students to tear down a Glock when discussing Design for assembly, Design for manufacture, and reliability engineering. Glock did some homework on the materials selection, using LOW COST materials where he could, and only using steel and high cost machining where it was absolutely necessary... face it the design is not complex, the materials selection, integration and implementation is!

    So the real question is, was Gaston being too CHEAP? Maybe, Maybe not... many people swear that the plastic parts are ok, that original equipment is best.... Unfortunatly in molding plastic parts, variances do occur in tooling, materials, processing, etc and sometimes things happen... and since all things roll down hill, it is usually caught by the consumer...US! Personally, I have a SS Guiderod in mine. I have also cleaned up all the stampings as the tools are obviously worn and creating less than perfect parts today (note Gastons design allows these to work fine as they come). I also replaced the plastic sights with some Heinies and the otherwise stock gun is performing flawlessly...

    Just my $0.05 worth... got a little long winded, but you get the point... Glock is a fine pistol, the fact that many of us like the black block is just our own sickness! (GRIN)
    If your not packin' your slackin'

    Its better to have and not need than to need and not have, keep it safe but keep it loaded!

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