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This is a discussion on Glock Questions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by jwalker497 WHich is the smallest G30, G36, G30SF? G 36...

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Thread: Glock Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwalker497 View Post
    WHich is the smallest G30, G36, G30SF?
    G 36

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    The G19 is the MVP of an All-Star GLOCK lineup. Guys, I've been in the shooting game for (gulp!) almost 40 years. I've shot almost everything with a trigger & have owned more than a few. Yep, it's as ugly as homemade soap. No question, the trigger will NEVER touch a tuned 1911. Agreed, the grip angle is anything but conventional. But, before any of those considerations become critical, the gun must first & And of all the nay-bob chatter from the I-HATE-GLOCK crowd, the one thing you DON'T hear is anyone claiming that GLOCKs don't. Enjoy your G36.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jframe38 View Post
    I have been trying to dislike the Glocks but they just won't let me.
    A G19 is on my short list.
    I tried to hate them for a very long time. I still would be lying if I said I liked Glocks. I'd also be lying if I didn't admit 90% of the time there was a Glock in my holster.

    They're very light, they're boringly reliable, they're not outrageously priced. Even if you're like me and don't really like them, they're still hard to beat.

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    Its probably not the best all around shooter or by any means the sexiest or most prestigious...but it will function the most with the least upkeep. It is for those who choose to or cannot take care of their carry gun obsessively. It simply goes BANG when you pull the trigger, no questions. That is why it makes such a great gun for LE and CCW civilians. Contrary to popular belief not all LEO are gun people. The GLOCK is and continues to bea revolutionary firearm for a very good reason.
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