9mm 1911's - Who's got 'em and opinions

9mm 1911's - Who's got 'em and opinions

This is a discussion on 9mm 1911's - Who's got 'em and opinions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I ran across a Springfield EMP at my local shop. Man did it feel sweet in my hands. I don't currently have a 1911 style ...

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Thread: 9mm 1911's - Who's got 'em and opinions

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    9mm 1911's - Who's got 'em and opinions

    I ran across a Springfield EMP at my local shop. Man did it feel sweet in my hands. I don't currently have a 1911 style gun, but after fondling this one, I can understand why there is such a following. I guess I would consider myself a 9mm guy so this EMP has got me jonesing. I would like to hear about the EMP, Para Carry 9, Kimber Aegis, STI's models, and any other manufacturers. I am curious to hear about people's experience and opinions of whose is the best. Tell me any down sides while your at it! Thanks!

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    One thing to throw in the mix, the EMP is not built on the true 1911 sized frame size, the others you list are. The EMP was scaled down to handle the shorter cartridge with the smallest gun possible. I have read many comments that it is harder to make the 1911 run as reliably with the shorter 9mm cartridge, and I have talked to 9mm 1911 shooters who have expressed that they have to be picky about magazines and other matters to assure reliability.

    The EMP evidently gets around that issue. I have been 9mm/1911 looking for a while now, myself, but have never owned one. The EMP looks pretty good based on comments on the boards, and I like Springfield guns. OTOH, I also like STI, and they are true 1911 size frames, and fit holsters and mag pouches I already have. I just haven't seen lot of feedback on the newer STI guns.

    I've had issues with Kimber's Series II safety system and won't buy one (Kimber fans-that just means more for you, don't be a hater). I have no experience with Para. I'm not in in hurry to buy, though, just watching for the right kind of deal.
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    Kimber Tac Pro II

    I have a Kimber Tactical Pro II chambered in 9mm. I use Tripp 10 rd magazines, and it functions flawlessly.
    I've had it for a couple of years and I love it.

    Good luck.
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    I'm looking to buy a 9mm in a 1911 frame and have pretty much zeroed in on the EMP. I've begun collecting a database on all the spec's I can get my hands on on for both full sized, commander, and small for all calibers. I'm posting just a short list, which I'd narrowed down for myself. I carry a S&W 1911PD .45 ACP, but would like to have the smaller compact for summer or casual carry, laughingly called "light-days" by the wife. What with the newer +p+ rounds available I'm feeling a little more comfortable carrying the 9mm as a CCW. I know friends that are carrying .32 and .38 in a wheel gun just because of size and weight, but that's getting a little too small in caliber for me. Anyway I'll try to keep my database updated and if I ever get my website up will post it there.

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    My only observation on 9mm 1911 is that if you are planning on running one for cheaper practice - as I do - the handling characteristics are different enough that it does kind of screw you up for a bit when you transition between 9 and 45.

    Otherwise, guns like the EMP are really dedicated 9mm platforms. There's no real analog to the EMP in .45 so that's a whole different story.

    Based on how much I love my Colt Govt. .380, I think the EMP should be a just about perfect BUG or subcompact primary.


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    I have had some experience with the Kimber STS in 9mm. The specific intent was to shoot a 1911 format pistol but use less expensive ammunition. Except for the softer recoil this is pretty much like shooting a Government size 1911. However, Kimber's implementation leaves something to be desired. I think Kimber could have done a better job with the grip safety and the magazines. Even then I've fiddled quite a bit with the recoil spring and when I've put a hundred rounds through it at the range it seems like it takes an eternity to cycle back into battery.
    Vicki Farnum (John Farnum's wife) carries an EMP and she really likes it. From what I've seen, it really is an engineered approach. Occasionally I get annoyed with the difference in triggers between my full size 1911 and my G19 and get envious of the EMP. I suspect that an EMP will one day find its way into my gun safe.

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    I shoot 9mm the Kimber Pro and Ultra Aegis II and a Springfield EMP a couple of times a week. The Kimbers have better out-of-the-box triggers but all 3 have been 100% reliable and are very accurate. Dennis

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