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Thread: XD or SIG

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    I just traded in my 3" Kimber Ultra Carry for a full size Sig 220, and 3 weeks later I am still glad I did.

    About 5 years ago I traded in my older Sig 220 for the Kimber. It was okay at first, but I just could not get used to the feel of the little pistol. I prefer bigger and heavier. So recently I finally had enough money to trade in my Kimber.

    It is bigger, & heavier, but not much harder to conceal. But concealment has never been a big problem for me. And I actually prefer the DA/SA trigger over the 1911 SA, I just didn't like having a safety.

    Sometimes I would go months without shooting my Kimber. But I just got finished putting a thousand rounds through my new Sig. It's just more fun.

    I voted the Sig. I have never liked a plastic/metal pistol. I have no doubt the XD is a fine weapon, per their reputation. But I prefer my sidearm to be made of metal, and I am just more comfortable with the Sig platform than any other I have tried, and I have tried quite a few.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaystekan View Post
    I was looking for a new edc handgun recently. I was trying to decide between the Sig 239, and a glock. I ended up walking out of the shop with an XD 40sc. I like the grip safety, springfield has great customer service, but most importantly, the gun just felt good in my hands. I plan on retiring my mk40 to the safe for a bit once my supertuck arrives for the xd. I was leaning heavily towards the Sig over the glock when looking online though, but I have to say, I really like my XD. To each his own I guess!!!!
    LOL, i went in looking at Kahr's and left with an xd40 sub compact(love it)make sure it comes with the extra gear, that's the one with the good finish. With a mtac holster hides well and feels very nice, inside and in the hand. I was reading on the xd forum that LOTS of LE's wear them as ankle bug's. By the way wannemakers in tulsa next weekend, I'm going shopping!! woo hoo!
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    Funny you should ask. My Dad has been going back and forth on this one as well. We went to the range today, rented him a .40 XD, and brought my Sig 229 in .40. We both fired both and I remembered why I have owned (past tense) two XD's and one Sig (my current love). XD is an awesome gun but it's not the best for my hand. I love Sig and would recommend it hands down.
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    Interesting. I currently carry a Sig P226R .40 at work. However, I trained on Glocks and have carried Glocks for the previous 9 years. I soon will be going back to a Glock as I transferred to a different unit. I personally recommend sticking with the XD, if it is a platform you are familiar with and shoot well with. YMMV
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    I own 4 Sigs and can say honestly, I've shot other pistols, have owned other pistols but I keep coming back to the Sigs. I used to carry a Colt Gov't Model MK IV Series 70, that I bought new back in
    '81. Absolutely a dream to shoot, but then, I tried and bought a used P220, needless to say, after shooting that, then buying a P229 and a P239, I sold the Colt to purchase a 220 Compact. Part of my thought process is that these pistols were all bought with the intent of carrying, as such, I wanted to have one manual of arms to remember...can't afford to have too much information clogging the brain housing group.

    Having said all that, the XD is a very nice shooting pistol, I was impressed with it, just not as impressed as I am with the Sigs. I recommended trading up to the Sigs...however, if you truly enjoy the XD, and are a competent shot with it, keep it and don't worry about anything else.
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    here is a comparison

    Of a XD45C and the XD40SC in front. Not much difference. Weight mostly.


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    Have both!

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    I just have one statement to make "To Hell and Back Reliability" sums it up for me.
    "If you ladies leave my island, if you survive recruit training, you will be a weapon, you will be a minister of death praying for war. "R. Lee Ermey---FMJ"

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    I'd go with the Sig.
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    Glock and Sig cater to the law enforcement community. Springfield does not, that's why the latter are more popular. If we can get past the bs ..... you get the gun you shoot the best. It matters not the name or brand ..... Glock, Sig, Springfield, etc.
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    I would vote for the XD, mainly because it fits my hand better than a 220. Both are great, but the one that fits you is the one to buy.

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    I say XD. If he goes with the Sig, his username won't fit anymore.
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    I vote keep the XD and buy the SIG when you got the cash. I've always felt a little remorse whenever I traded in a great firearm on another.
    "Beware of the man who only owns one gun. He probably knows how to use it."

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