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This is a discussion on Entry Level 1911 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have one 1911 pistol. It's a parkerized Springfield "Loaded" Model with night sights. That's what I would advise anyone to get as a "Basic" ...

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Thread: Entry Level 1911

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    I have one 1911 pistol.

    It's a parkerized Springfield "Loaded" Model with night sights. That's what I would advise anyone to get as a "Basic" 1911. I really like the warranty service that Springfield has and being that this is not my first 1911, I traded all the others away, I like a good value for my dollar. You won't get all the "bells and whistles" of the Taurus, but you will get better warranty service IMHO.

    That and the reliability of the various Springfields I've had over the years have solidly put me in the Springfield "camp". As soon as I change out the FLGR it will be ready for use, if I choose to give up my wheelguns.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    I can't figure out why "entry level" has to mean "cheap"? I'd much rather advise a new shooter to save a little longer and step up a little, at least to a platform that is worth building on later.
    Thats my take on it too... buy cheap and you buy twice.

    I wouldnt touch the Taurus with a ten foot pole.

    If you go the GI or basic route, chances are you're going to want to add this and that costing far more than just buying the gun you want outright.
    I'd only consider models that have dovetail sight mounting, and are made by well known companies that have been in the 1911 game for a long time. If you dont, I promise you will be sorry.
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    What about "all" made in USA 1911's? Does global market muddy up the waters?

    Entry doesn't mean cheapest.

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    What is your price range?
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    I'm happy with my Taurus PT1911. It's had over 1000 rounds through it by now.

    You might want to avoid it as an "entry-level" 1911, though.

    I say that because when you move up to an "intermediate" pistol like the lower-end Kimbers or mid-range Springfields, you'll find yourself missing all the thoughtful little features on the "cheap" PT1911....

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    I'm looking for my first 1911 and considering Colt, Kimber, Wilson, etc.

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    Pitmaster !That avatar is wrong in so many ways

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    A "loaded" Springer is not that much more than their base model...and it has NS, and all sorts of neat goodies. Its worth the little bit extra.
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    If a store is recommending a Kimber or Para when you specifically ask for an entry-level 1911, I don't think I'd go back to them.

    If you're just looking for something cheaper to get your feet wet, a Rock Island would serve you well. Sure it's no Dan Wesson, but it wasn't meant to be.

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    Entry level = Rock Island, or Springfield milspec. Those are your best bets.

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    I love my High Standard made by Armscor...same gun as the Rock Island Armory. Great 1911 for dirt cheap. Super Reliable. Next one I'll probably get will be a RIA commander sized Tactical. Oh and Pitmaster, I'm thankful for Firefox's ability to block images of my choosing, cuz that avatar is just wrong. lol
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    I sold my Government .45 ACP many moons ago but would not mind adding another 1911. I am curious SIXTO, why would you not consier the Taurus PT1911? Seriously...I am looking for objective, valid reasons and not just ranting about subjective brand preferance, hear-say, etc.

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    I have a pretty new Taurus PT-1911. Much like anything else, it has the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    The Good
    The thing is a tack-driver.
    The trigger is much nicer than I expected for the price of the gun
    The fit is really nice for the gun.
    Great on the pocket book.

    The Bad
    I had issues with manual safety after only about 100 rounds
    I know a few other people who have had the same problem and it takes a while to get a part from them. (Will just buy a Wilson safety probably and wait on the part, since I really like shooting the gun)
    The finish is not the best on the blued models, but this is minor to me, since I 've never been a fan of the safe-queen concept for guns

    The Ugly
    Warranty Service

    All in all I'd buy this again if I was buying my first 1911, which this was. I do plan on sometime this year buying a commander size stainless 1911, probably from Wilson,Springfield, or Kimber (suggestions/recommendatioins always accepted), as I've found that the 1911 conceals really well on my frame.

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    Personally, if were looking at the lower cost guns, there are only two I would buy.

    A Springfield MilSpec. or a RIA Tactical.

    But just for giggles what does everyone mean by "entry level"?

    For me I would describe it as getting a functional 1911 without having to spend over $600.00

    The Taurus is out for my listing due to the following:
    1: The blued finish isn't lasting for nothing
    2: The machined checkering looks like death warmed over. If it's going to be checkered, it should be done right.

    The RIA tactical the two no BS requirements, a good beaver tail and good sights. The trigger quality may vary, but that can be easily remedied, and it's not that much more than a standard model RIA.

    The Springfield MilSpec has "usable" sights while I prefer Novaks, XS sights, and Heinies, the MilSpec sights are perfectly good, and better than that of the Springfield GI series.

    Pending on the budget, I would put a Springfield Loaded at the top of the list of "starter" 1911s they go for an average price of $750 if you shop around.

    As asked above by OD, What is your price range? That is going to be the biggest factor on what everyone is going to suggest.

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    Well, based on my experience I can't recommend a Taurus.

    I bought a new PT1911. Brought it home to clean and get ready to shoot. All excited - then I found out the barrel looked purely awful inside. My dealer was shocked at what we saw in the barrel. I'm waiting to hear how long it will be before I can shoot it. My dealer is having trouble even getting in contact with them.

    They claim the barrel is fitted and numbered to the gun by craftsmen. After looking at the barrel, I am not impressed with their craftsmen. I can't think of any acceptable reason to ship a gun with a barrel this bad. Barrels are easy to see, it shakes my confidence in the rest of the parts. When it gets "fixed" I think I'll trade it in on a used Springfield Loaded if I can find one.

    I think the best entry level 1911 is probably a used Springfield Loaded in what ever size suits you. If I had it to do again I'd probably buy almost anything but a Taurus.


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