Who has a Kimber PRO CDP II?

Who has a Kimber PRO CDP II?

This is a discussion on Who has a Kimber PRO CDP II? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went to the range today and saw a PRO CDP II NIB for $795. I loved the way it felt in my hand and since ...

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Thread: Who has a Kimber PRO CDP II?

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    Who has a Kimber PRO CDP II?

    Went to the range today and saw a PRO CDP II NIB for $795. I loved the way it felt in my hand and since I don't have a model 1911 (my Para Ord C7-45 I don't count due to the LDA trigger) and since my birthday IS in three weeks, the urge has me in it's grip! Does anyone have one of these? I have never owned a Kimber. Anybody carry one daily? All opinions appreciated!
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    $795??? Are you sure it's not LNIB?

    That's almost cost IIRC. Did it have an internal or external extractor? Sounds like the shop has had that thing sitting with no buyer for the price to be that low.

    I had one (CDP PRO) in .40, it was a POS. I had a Compact CDP in .45 and it was awesome, my wife has a Ultra CDP, it's pretty darn good, but we had a little mix of issues with it.

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    Yeah, that's a heck of a price.

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    Great price, I think I paid about 1100 for mine. It is my main carry gun. No problems so far.
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    Make sure it's new...then grab it! Even if it's like new...great price. My gun dealer is pretty fair with me and both my CDP II's (Ultra and Pro) were $1060 each...

    You're gonna' love your Kimbers...

    Could you 'actually' hear it screaming in your hand..."Take me home!"?

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    I have one

    I've had a Kimber Pro CDP II for about 3 years, and have put about 1500 rounds through it with no problems. The gun is accurate and I have carried it quite a bit. It conceals well because of its thin profile and the "melt job", as well as some thin grip panels I put on it. I replaced the original ambi safety with a one sided Ed Brown safety, and also installed a steel checkered mainspring housing.

    Here it is:

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    Sounds like a steal! I bought mine used almost 3 years ago for $700. No problems after changing out the recoil springs. Mine has the infamous external extractor and after 3000+ rounds it still shoots flawless! This weapon will carry well. I carry in an IWB @ 3:30 in a MaxCon V and sometimes I forget I have it on. You cannot go wrong with this gun. I am quite happy and surprised at it's accuracy. I also changed out the ambi safety.
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    That's a great price. My pro CDP II cost 990 NIB and I love carrying it IWB at 4 o'clock. It shoots great now, but you will have a 400 round break-in period to deal with. Some are great right out of the box. Mine took around 350 rounds to work out a few FTFeed issues that mostly had to do with a bad recoil spring.
    Kimber Pro CDP II

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    Got mine with cash and a trade. $350 and a 4" 686 that I had about $300 into. $250 for the gun, made in 1986 I believe and $50 for some work on the trigger and a re-crown. I sold the 686 cheap....could of got $400-450 easy....but the rosewood grips got to me!
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