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Kahr PM40 and PM9

This is a discussion on Kahr PM40 and PM9 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Tubby Rower What about them make them not for new shooters? Small, lightweight, subject to limp wristing, short sight radius, short barrel, ...

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Thread: Kahr PM40 and PM9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubby Rower View Post
    What about them make them not for new shooters?
    Small, lightweight, subject to limp wristing, short sight radius, short barrel, it needs to be properly maintained and broken in.

    Start a new shooter out on a gun like this and you will have problems most of which will be with the shooter, not the gun.
    "Just blame Sixto"

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    Kahr CW9

    Don't know about the PM, but I have the CW9. At 15oz and only .9 in width, it's a great alternative. I only have about 200 rounds through it (Kahr says 300 is the break in period) but no jams, no FTF or FTL. I have Taurus PT145, but this gun is much easier to conceal and is reliable. Pricewise you can find them between 350-425.
    My only regret is that they did not have the CW45 out yet, but there is a CW40.

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    More good stuff to say

    I've caried a PM9 iwb for about a year now & love it. I added a stiffer recoil spring & polished the feed ramp. Never had a failure to feed or failure to eject. However, the mag release did wear out and kahr replaced it (sent me a knew one, I installed; I had to talk them into that. At first they wanted to gun back. No charge). I run +P+ Ranger ammo and it is a bit snappy, but hold her right and all is well. A soft grip will let the trigger guard smack your trigger finger on the recoil (at least on me) so, hang on to her. I've probably run 1500-2000 rounds through her, but I'm not a round counter.

    Superb little gun. A must-have is the clip with the little pinky extension. She hides REAL well.

    I really want to test fire a PM45!!! Cool.


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    Shot the PM40 and did not care for it, a bit of a handful. I do like my K40, but that's not a pocket gun. I'm eager to see that new Ruger LCP. ANY Ruger I've owned has been problem free and built rugged. It just might replace my Keltec, if I like what I see and hear about them.

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    thanks for the information. I actually located one today so i could hold it and examine. I think I do like it! The one I was looking at had night sights that I didnt need so I'll probably order one. It also had the blackened SS which I like better than the shiny SS slide. Got to see it next to the KT3at andI really didn't realize just how much qualiy dif there was until the are side by side.

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    New PM9

    For the past 6 months I have been searching for my perfect pocket pistol and ultimately decided on the PM9. I am 6' tall and a thin and physically fit 165lbs. For work I wear slacks and fitted shirts and casual wear is jeans or kakis and fitted shirts tucked in. I needed a small gun that would fit in my right front pants pocket that I could easily carry all the time. The PM9 in a Desantis Nemesis holster fits perfect and allows for easy draws. With my thin build I could not easily carry and conceal my Sig P228.

    I too had read many chat board entries regarding the less than perfect operation of owner's PM9 or PM40. On the other hand I also read many positive reviews. I bought the black model with night sights and took it to the range for the 200 round break in the other day. I pumped 250 rounds through the gun with flawless operation. The only thing I had to get used to was that I had to put the front sight slightly above the rear sights to hit the bulls eye.

    I am very happy with the way the gun feels and shoots. For a small pistol it is quite accurate. In addition and very important, I am very confident in it's reliable operation and I feel it is a gun I can trust. I recommend the PM9 as a fine choice for a pocket pistol.

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