Steyr M9-a1 Or M40-a1

Steyr M9-a1 Or M40-a1

This is a discussion on Steyr M9-a1 Or M40-a1 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just picked up a STEYR pistol in .40 . It feels great in the hand and is more comfortable than my Glocks !!! I was ...

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Thread: Steyr M9-a1 Or M40-a1

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    Steyr M9-a1 Or M40-a1

    Just picked up a STEYR pistol in .40 . It feels great in the hand and is more comfortable than my Glocks !!! I was wondering if anybody carries or has carried a STEYR pistol ? How many rounds have you run through it ? Any feed problems or any problems at all ? Appreciate the input .

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    M9 A1

    The steyr M9 A1 is my favorite hand gun. I CC a Glock 19 and own a few other Glocks. But the Steyr IMO is a quality hand gun all around. Customer service is excellent. I don't CC the M9 because of its size. Just a bit to big for me. Low recoil, the trapazoid sights and the erganomics are great.

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    I have a friend that carries the 40 cal. compact. He loves it and as far as I know he's never had any trouble at all. I've shot it a few times and while it does have a little bit of a bark due to the size it's very accurate...I like the sights also.
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    I have a S40, and love it! I got it used and have about 300 problem free rounds through it. Styer makes a great product.

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    I have a S9 and M9, both have been flawless. Check out the Steyr club site.
    Steyr Club

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    I have the original M9 but do not carry it due to size. I had many FTE with UMC ammo but not with WWB.

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    This and the Five-seveN are on my "to buy list" once I have my CC weapon. It looks like an awesome weapon, and everything I have read makes me want one that much more!

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    Is there any difference in the slide on the M40A1 compared to the original M40? I dont like my M40 because it dont have standard rails so i can mount a lazer. I was wondering if its possible to replace just the polymer section of the old one with the new one?

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    There are differences between the M40A1 and the M40. I can't fill in all the details but check out There is a wealth of specific knowledge there.

    I love my M40-A1 and have had no real problems. It has failed to eject twice in about the 4000 rounds I've put through it. I bought it used...hard to say how many rounds it had put through it because nothing has changed since when I bought it and now 4000 later. Both malfunctions happened with a friend who I believe to limp wrist the gun. I carry mine every single day in a K&D Dakota Defender and at about 3:00 or 3:30 it just disappears. I've been looking into getting a M9-A1 if I can scrape together the funds.
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