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Which gun for CCW?

This is a discussion on Which gun for CCW? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Said it a hundred times XD is is rock solid reliable. Eats everything I feed it. Feels perfect in my hand, hits whatever I point ...

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Thread: Which gun for CCW?

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    Said it a hundred times XD is is rock solid reliable. Eats everything I feed it. Feels perfect in my hand, hits whatever I point it at. The XD intuitive safeties that will not slow my responce time by giving me something extra to do or make a mistake with, that could cost me my life. The XD is smaller and lighter, which equals easier to conceal and carry all day. All at less than half the price. The other $500.00 plus buys alot of add ons & custom work. Lots & lots of practice ammo or even a decent training class.
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    You certainly won't go wrong with either one, personally I like my XD. IMHO, get the one you feel most comfortable with and shoot best.
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    Both are great. Though if you can shoot and handle them both equally then I say the SIG all the way. You will not regret it later.

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    If you have shot them both, they will feed any ammo, I think you will already know the one that is right for you. Go with your gut, both are quality weapons, and maybe the weapon you will one day bet your life on!
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    Before jumping on the Sig bandwagon. Give some thought as to how you're going to carry and conceal which ever you choose. Both will do you a fine job.
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    I have never regreated buying my Sigs and carry my P239 40 as often as I can. IF you want to look at a CPO (Certified Pre Owned) They are about 500.00 and have been checked out by Sig. Usally Police turn in. I have owned 3 CPO's and never had a problem with any of them. The last I bought was my P239 CPO came with night sites installed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pogo2 View Post
    There are so many Sig models available that I was uncertain which one the "P220 Combat" was. So I looked it up on the Sig website:

    The MSRP on the gun is $1,143.
    Oh yes...I'd go with this Sig...in a sec.
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    first of all, welcome to the forum.can"t answer for the sig. never shot one,
    but used to have the xd-9 service.sorry i got ridof it. handled well and shot
    pretty good.might suggest trying a fewdiffrent models at a range and
    pick up which one works best for ya.
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