Happy 1911 Camper

Happy 1911 Camper

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Thread: Happy 1911 Camper

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    Happy 1911 Camper

    Well, I think I have all 3 of my 1911's the way they need to be. Only thing I can see is a sight change down the road maybe.

    My Kimber Compact had a few problems. Slide Stop needed filed back and was causing pre mature slide lock. GOT THAT FIXED IN MY OWN SHOP.

    Then it shot way left - I had to knock the sight around to get it centered in the slide. Now she shoots dead centere at concealed carry range anyways :) GOT THAT FIXED IN MY OWN SHOP.

    My Sprinfeild Loaded Parkerized has only had 2 failures. both were failure to feed. Now that I have gotten more familure with comon 1911 issues, I am thinking that both of these were a weak factory recoil spring and the rounds dragging too much on the magazine lips. Both times it was the 2nd round after chambering the first of 8 by hand. Solution - Bought Wilson magazines, and added a wolf 16lbs recoil spring (and short guide rod :) )

    My Colt lightweight had MANY falure to feeds when I first got it. Extractor may have been too tight? Was learning alot at this point so I took it too a known smith in my area. He reworked the extractor and also throated the barrel a little. HE thought that needed done and since that time, I have had no problems with this gun and the wilson mags can only help :)

    All in all, I feel like the 3 1911's I have can now be relied on and work without frustration. The Kimber Compact actually turned out to be as accurate as my full size Springfeild!!

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    Glad everything is working out. Keep up the good work

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    An improperly tuned and tensioned extractor may cause feed and/or ejection problems.
    It's of the utmost importance that the extractor be perfect.

    Glad that you got everything worked out.

    It makes for much more enjoyable shooting when the firearm functions flawlessly.

    Now you'll have to "create" your malfunction scenarios rather than having them occur naturally.
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    1911 World

    Welcome to the wonderful world of 1911 - the gunsmith's full employment guarantee.

    I've owned a dozen of them myself and have had some adventures. But they are fun to shoot.
    Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the Peoples' Liberty's Teeth." - George Washington

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