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The wife giving me hell because I own 6 handguns

This is a discussion on The wife giving me hell because I own 6 handguns within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; back to topic. 1 handgun,g-27 3shotguns and 1 rifle ruger 10/22. time to go shopping....

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Thread: The wife giving me hell because I own 6 handguns

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    back to topic. 1 handgun,g-27 3shotguns and 1 rifle ruger 10/22.
    time to go shopping.
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    I think I still have less than 100. I can't take a picture of them all because I have to be too far away to get them all in the picture.

    I'll attach a partial 3" barrel S&W revolver group picture. It is less than half my 3" N-Frame group.

    A couple weeks ago for my birthday my wife asked what gun I wanted to buy. Keep in mind that just over two weeks before I picked up a Sig P220 SAO. I dunno what language of love I need to speak to her, but whatever I'm doing is working fine. Oh and counting boots and such I probably have more footgear than she does and she doesn't carry a purse.
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    "The wife giving me hell because I own 6 handguns"

    Buddy if you only own six hanguns then you are just warming up!

    You need to shoot for at least six of each sub-type:
    6 semi auto
    6 DA revolver
    6 cowboy guns
    6 black powder
    6 shotguns
    6 rifles, etc, etc
    you get the idea

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    Only 6 ? You need AT LEAST one more , one for each day of the week!
    I think 10 handguns is a good number , but then again so is a dozen! Though some people here may have one for each day of the month!

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    Current count is:
    30 Pistols/Revolvers (missed one in my count the other day)
    16 Rifles
    10 Shotguns

    I don't want to slow down the thread with pictures, but if you want to see some of them you can see them here (cowboy guns) and here (modern firearms).

    The kind of scary part is that since Kansas passed their CCH law about 18 months ago (just went into effect on 01/03/2007), I've purchased the following:

    Ruger LCP
    Walther PPS
    Sig Sauer P239 SAS
    Kel-Tec PF-9
    Kahr PM-9
    Sig Sauer P245
    Kel-Tec P3AT
    Walther PPK
    Para Ordinance Nite Hawg
    Taurus 85 SS
    Taurus 650 CIA
    Beretta 85 FS
    Beretta 86

    Four of these were purchased for my wife (she has her license also) and one that I purchased for myself (the PPS), she stole from me.
    Looks like I'm falling behind on my gun-a-month plan. Wife gave up a long time ago trying to keep track of when I have a new gun. I have my hobbies and she has hers (horses). I think my hobby may be cheaper.

    Sig 239 SAS 40 S&W / Sig 239 9mm / Kahr PM-9 / Walther PPS .40 / Sig P-245 / Ruger LCP
    Beretta Tomcat / Walther PPK / BDA 380 / Taurus 85 / Kel-Tec PF-9 / Am. Derringer 357

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    This thread just made my day. Thanks!

    As of right now:
    S&W 642
    S&W 1911
    Mossberg 500A
    M4gery(DPMS lower Del-Ton upper)
    Ruger 10/22
    Bakail (EAA) 12ga O/U

    I'm currently working on my next handgun(Glock 19) and so is the wife. ;)
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    How many do I have?
    Let me just say that if my wife found out how many I have, I'd be in a heap of trouble.

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    PT1911 very soon!

    Last edited by Ram Rod; March 17th, 2008 at 01:58 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P7fanatic View Post
    How many do I have?
    Let me just say that if my wife found out how many I have, I'd be in a heap of trouble.

    ditto. I have 23 now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skystud1 View Post
    So make me feel better and tell me how many and what you guys/gals have? Pics too!!!!!
    I don't think it is germane what the rest of us do about it, and how many guns we have or how many purses or pairs of shoes your wife has.
    If she is angry because you have too many guns you need to make some adjustments so that she is not angry.
    You have enough guns for self protection, and sport also. You might need to make some changes in what you own and how many.

    In the long term you will be happier with a proper relationship with your wife than with owning a lot of guns.
    Show her you are willing to make changes to please her, and it may be that in the future she will change her mind. But she is much more important than guns.

    Marriage is not a 50/50 relationship but a 100/100 relationship. Sacrifices are necessary for a lasting and loving marriage. You cannot believe how much more you will love her as the two of you reach the twilight years of your lives.
    Don't let guns be a factor in hurting your marriage.


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    My wife eventually reigns me in everytime I pick up a new interest or hobby. She doesnt really care though, if we have the cash for the purchase.

    right now im at 7

    Springfield XD45
    Glock 19
    Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro
    Kimber Tactical Ultra II

    Mosin Nagant M44
    Mosin Nagant 91/30
    Mossberg 590

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    My wife was anti-gun until I took her shooting one day. She said it made her feel powerful. Now she carries a .38 snubby everywhere she goes. I call that sexy.

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    I own 7 semi auto handguns,I own 6 semi auto high power rifles,2 SA shotguns,6 22 rifles,and I need more.
    PS my wife owns them too,But if the amount i spend on guns and shootig is affecting my marriage,and i want to stay married then i need to talk to my wife and reach an agreement,life isn't about who dies with the most toys,It's judged by how you are remembered

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    Maybe You Should Let Her Go ? Lol , Jk I Don't Have Enough Guns

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    If I only owned 6 handguns, my wife would think she had died and gone to heaven Regards, Richard

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