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The wife giving me hell because I own 6 handguns

This is a discussion on The wife giving me hell because I own 6 handguns within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have 8 handguns in one safe and several in another safe at a different location....

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Thread: The wife giving me hell because I own 6 handguns

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    I have 8 handguns in one safe and several in another safe at a different location.
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    My wife has more than 6 herself.

    Between the ones she bought for herself, the ones she, um, appropriated from me, and the ones on loan to family members, my wife has well over six, but probably not twice that many. I have well over six, but I don't do pics. Once upon a time I could, but now my computer holds my pics hostage, not letting me post or e-mail them.

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    Feb 2008
    2 kimbers...1 4" ...1- 5"
    1 a uberta 45 LC
    1- bersa 380
    1 mosin nagant 91/30
    1 12 gage shot gun from my dad
    1 52 cal 1851 buffalo rifle
    just started collecting, need to figure out what else I want...

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    Man, I hate that for you.

    She'd really be displeased with me then.

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    I don't care how many pairs of shoes my wife has, so she shouldn't care how many guns are in the safe. As long as it doesn't prove to be financial burden, it doesn't matter for either.

    Of course it took her a while to see it like that, but now she does.

    Now I just don't tell her when I buy something else. Inside the scope of the budget = does not matter.

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    I bought that many every month for the last year

    Glad my wife understands they are investments. I'm not spending money, I'm investing it.

    When my wife wanted to furnish the new house out here in Az on the move from the Northeast, I sold something like 35 guns and handed her the cash.

    The total figure on those particular guns represented around 40% profit over the initial investment prices. Only took 5-7 years to make that figure which demonstrates buying the right guns are a solid investment.

    I'd use that tact in the future and see what she says.

    The mind is the limiting factor

    Quick Kill Rifle and Pistol Instructor

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    Then she defiantly would not like me.

    The way I see it is pistols, rifles, Harleys, fishing equipment, boat. Etc are boy toys to what shoes, jewelry, perfume, and an absorbance about of clothing are to women.

    Thank God I was fortunate enough to find a woman who understands that.

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    OBX, NC

    The wife giving me hell because I own 6 handguns

    Only 6???
    "If we loose Freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the Last Place on Earth!" Ronald Reagan

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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    1 handbag = 1 holster
    Alright, I'll give you that!! Although it doesn't make the lady a very savvy shopper.

    I forgot to put my 'short' list down...we only have 3 handguns...please don't laugh!! Perhaps once we are done with diapers and private school we can afford more...many, many more. Of course, we ARE taking donations...

    Ah, yes, TDpalmer. Girls gotta stick together sometimes!
    "Let me control the textbooks, and I will control the state." - Adolf Hitler

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    north Al.
    think at present time,have 21 handguns. jwr

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    Land of 10k Lakes
    Here is my Glock collection:

    And my Ruger:

    Be Observant and Be Safe.

    Current: DW V-Bob 1911, S&W 442, Springfield XD9sc, XDm9,
    and Glock G26, G19, G23C, and SIG P226-40 TT, and Ruger GP-100, and Beretta 92FS
    Former: Taurus 92SS, SIG P220 TT, S&W 360, SIG P239-40, Ruger 22/45 MKII

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluedaisy View Post
    OK, guys. Shoes and most handbags don't'd be pretty hot under the collar if ONE pair of her shoes were the same price as ONE of your handguns. Apples to apples, please.
    You obviously don't shop for shoes where my last girlfriend did (hint: she was a Sex and the City fan Manolo Blahnik - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).
    Clinging to guns and God in PA...

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    70+. You obviously aren't reserving a small space in your safe/safes for her diamonds. That will put things in a different light. Plus, your guns are cheap entertainment. You need to clean/fondle them every month and if you have enough and linger lovingly, this can take a great while. Suppress that evil, contented chuckle while fondling them in her presence and buy her some and put them in the safe/safes and you are home free.I love this line; They are yours but I'll keep them in here for you!!
    S&W wheelguns?? 4 inch Model 57??
    "It does not take a majority to prevail,,,,,,but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." Samuel Adams

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    Mar 2008
    I have:
    3 revolvers; 4 semi-autos; 2 rifles; 3 shotguns

    She has:
    1 revolver; 1 semi-auto..... but she has informed me that I am taking her to the range on Friday, so that she can shoot my new Kahr CW9....she said something about it feeling like the perfect carry weapon.....that's fine and dandy, but, if she likes it enough, she'll have to order her own...I'm not giving this one up.....

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    I'll never tell on an open forum but if you ask my little buddy he might with a little treat (preferably red meat).

    Sportsterguy-NRA Life Member

    Molon Labe!

    Join the NRA today, or don't complain when your guns are taken away!

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