Family fun.

Family fun.

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Thread: Family fun.

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    Family fun.

    I finally went the range today... After a 1.5 year or so hiatus... Don't ask, please. It has to do with the range we went to closing down.

    Since my last outing I have picked up a few new pistols, a XD40, a M&P, and a M&Pc, all in .40. So I took these with me.

    All I really wanted was to run 50 rounds throuh each of them for now, to see how they feel because one of the three should become my carry weapon.

    I started with the XD. The springfield was fun to shoot, even my wife shot a few rounds. Went flawlessly through 50 rounds of Winchester white box. Sweet shooting handgun. This was the handgun I got initially for my carry piece. It just 'feels right' in the hand. The trigger took a little to get used to, but very little. It just felt 'funny' with the trigger lock piece in there. Groupings weren't all that great, but I even fired it with my left hand (off hand). All in all, very happy with this gun.

    Then came the M&P, at this time I had to switch to blazer brass because I had 200 rounds that I had bought and needed to shoot. Went through them without a hiccup. I think I have found my carry weapon. My wife shot a couple of rounds from this one too. Again, not great groupings, but all shots were on the target (right and left handed) and even in the circles. Thr trigger felt comfortable, nice and smooth. Will need to find a good IWB holster for this gun...

    M&Pc. Blazer Brass. Magazines hold 10 ech. I didn't even get to the 5th round when FTF happens. OK just a glitch, clear it get the next one... FTF... Eject mag, clear it, new mag, newr ound and "click". Take mag out, clear chamber, yes, sir, I did have alive round in there. Little dent in the back of the primer... Well F^%$. This went on for the next 40 rounds. Multiple FTF. It's like the round gets caught up on ejector and firing pin. That's exactly what it looked like. I wish I had a camera, but didn't take one. I had 8 rounds that had a small dent in the primer, but didn't fire. I shot the last 10 rounds of this carton, and the 8 rounds that didn't go off through the other M&P and it didn't faze it one bit. At this point I am very disappointed with this purchase. I did a very detailed cleaning of it when we got home, and we'll see what happens next time. For a while I was thinking it may just be the blazer brass, but I put 10 rounds of winchester in a mag and it did the same.

    My son shot my old Remington Viper and he did better with it than I ever could. I just never took to that rifle, but now he wants to pick up a scope for it, blah blah blah, etc... If he'll shoot it, I just I'll keep it. He also shot the 380 we took for the wife to try out, and the wife's Taurus. Not sure if she'll switch to the 380 or keep her PT140. My daughter sat there playing Annie Oakley with her Crickett. Little brat will outshoot me with a .22! She didn't want to shoot the pistols, but I did get her to try the single six I had brought... I think I might have lost another gun... To a 10 year old! I am not sure whether to laugh or cry. Or just buy her own for her!

    All in all, just a quick day at the range, had to get back fairly early so wife and daughter could go to a 4H clinic...

    I know, very mild compared to some of ya'll... But we had fun, and the whole family was there. And to me, that's everything.

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    I am glad to hear someone elas got to take the family out too. I took the kids out to the in-laws property this weekend to do some shooting. My daughter is 7 and I have to buy her her own box of ammo for the CZ P-01 now, she likes the way it makes her arms "jump". She can manage to keep all shots inside the 8 ring at 15 feet. my oldest son hates the noise of the CZ, and the 20 gauge his Pappy gave him, but blew through 500 rounds with his new .22 Marlin trying to shoot turtles in the tank. And my 3 year old pulled the trigger on the CZ and Marlin while I held and aimed them for him singing "pow pow at Mimi's house". My wife is completely blind and not comfortable shooting. The way the two youngest are going I think that I need to start steering them in the direction of military or law enforcement, since their both very tinatious and love guns anyway! Once again glat to hear your family had fun shooting this weekend!!

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    My kids enjoy it, I just don't have the time to do it as often as I would like...

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