Just got my Springfield back today! It turns out that it was the extractor. The smith tuned the extractor, polished the chamber, and did some touch up work with cold blue where the parkerisation was thin.
He said that he fed 2 mags of old mil-surplus ammo, without any problems. He figures if it will feed the old mil-surplus ammo, it will feed anything. Now I just have to go to the range, and do some testing of my own.

He suggested getting some mags (which will be in stock next week). the factory one works fine, but It doesnt pop out of the well after the gun is empty. He also told me that the recoil spring is abit heavy. But I dont have limp wrists, and the gun isnt really broken in yet. He also suggested maybe doing some ramp work, later on down the line. He showed my a 1911 where he worked on the ramp. It would feed casings alone.. very sweet. That Ill wait on also.