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For those who carry a Glock 19...

This is a discussion on For those who carry a Glock 19... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by TN_Mike I carry a Glock 23 (exactly the same size as the 19) and I have no problem concealing my 23 at ...

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Thread: For those who carry a Glock 19...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TN_Mike View Post
    I carry a Glock 23 (exactly the same size as the 19) and I have no problem concealing my 23 at all. I carry outside the waistband as I find IWB uncomfortable. I carry my 23 in a Blackhawk CQB SERPA holster and I really have no issues concealing it with just an unbuttoned button up style shirt over my T-shirt.

    Go with the 19, you'll love it and you'll never go back.
    +1 !

    My G23, same platform as the G19, carries exceptionally well in my
    Comp-Tac MTAC and/or CTAC (IWB). I'm currently looking for a quality, high riding, OWB holster. My regular OWB (Galco) rides just low enough to be exposed more often than I like.

    A good holster/belt will hold your G19 close and you'll fall in love with the gun and rig as a EDC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint77 View Post
    I carry mine in a cheapie Passport pancake holster, inside the belt (its an ambidextrous holster and has straps on both sides) outside my pants. in a longer shirt, Its easily concealed.

    Ill echo what folks are saying, get a good holster that holds it close to the body.
    I have a passport holster I use around the farm. It doesn't have enough kant for me to have a comfortable and easy draw when concealed. The passport works for open carry on the farm though.

    I carry mine in an uncle mike's IWB when in town. It disappears under a light cover garment.

    A good belt is a must. It will keep you from tugging at the gun and drawing attention to it.

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    I use a Milt Sparks SSII, it conceals great under a t-shirt. I don't even have to go up a size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by detroit9mm View Post
    I carry my G19 in a Blackhawk Serpa CQC or a Galco Stow-and-Go IWB. It conceals just as well as my Kahr CW9.
    I came in here to post this.

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    Ditto on all of the above.

    I use a beltman w/ a CTAC or Pro-Undercover and the G19 conceals and carries great. The CTAC tucks well! I tried the MTAC but it felt like I had a frisbee stuffed in my pants.

    I just picked up the Glock Sport Combat OWB holster and it rides very high and tight with a web belt - for $10 bucks this holster is awesome! I could definitely conceal with the same garments worn with my IWB gear (normal size tee or polo).

    My .01 (with the spiraling dollar)

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    This is with an AKJ Concealco... it's a nice holster, great quality, and conceals well by tucking the grip in tight. My only problem is that I'm almost decided that guns go on the outside of the belt for me!

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    Personally, I prefer the OWB holsters - no need to buy larger pants. I have a K&D Laredo and a Don Hume H721 OT - no pictures, sorry.
    Be Observant and Be Safe.

    Current: DW V-Bob 1911, S&W 442, Springfield XD9sc, XDm9,
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    G19, holsters

    I have the Comp-Tac MTAC with c-clips.
    The Milt Sparks VM2 is on-order....

    I am fairly thin at 160lbs, 5'8", and the G19 conceals just fine IWB.
    G19 is Not as thin as my 3913.
    My OWB setups for my 3913 tend to be ok in winter, but then I move to IWB for other seasons.
    NRA Instructor/RSO/Coach/Recruiter
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    Sidearmor at 4:00 with a 20 degree rake. It is exactly the size of the Colt Defender I used to carry. Conceals easily. I'm 5' 8" and 170 lbs -- will be trying appendix IWB starting this spring and don't expect any problems (since I finally lost 25 lbs!) ---
    Glock 19 to me is the perfect size high capacity carry gun.

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    Do any of you guys use a Crossbreed with your Glock 19? These have caught my eye a few times.

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    (pic is of my G19 in a Don Hume 0721OT)

    I have no problem concealing the 19, but boy! do I like my wife's 26! It's a great pistol too.

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    If I could only have one pistol it would be the Glock 19. But today, I normally carry the Glock 26.

    It’s just a little bit smaller, which allows it to fit in my motorcycle jacket pocket.

    Back in the 90’s while working for the Feds, I carried the G19 everyday for about 5 years. The job required me to ware a sport coat or jacket everyday, so an OWB holster made carrying the G19 easy.

    I would recommend a quality leather holster and 1 ½ leather belt.

    #77 "Tortilla" Holster
    Pancake style when concealment is very important - Product Details
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    No problem with mine

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