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Help me Choose Taurus 92 or a Kahr CW Series

This is a discussion on Help me Choose Taurus 92 or a Kahr CW Series within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SIXTO You will not be happy with the Taurus as a CCW, its just to bulky. I agree with the above.. Also ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    You will not be happy with the Taurus as a CCW, its just to bulky.

    I agree with the above..

    Also those are great prices on the Kahrs

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    Well as usual you guys came thru and helped me make a decision for my CCDW collection, thanks a bunch. The KAHR HAS IT now out of the 3 Kahrs which would you guys prefer? 9mm, .40, or .45? I know most of you will prolly choose the .45 but I've never fired a "big bore" pistol this small before. I'm not sure what kinda recoil to expect and don't have anyplace I can rent anything from near here. If ya could I'd like a few ideas thrown out there with what to expect from a big cal mouse gun. Thanks again in advance.
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    I chose the CW9. I shoot 9mm better than any other caliber. Having said that, I firmly believe there is a CW45 out there that is destined to come home with me.

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    I can't speak for the Kahr CWs, but my carry gun is a Kahr P9.
    Very nice gun and so easy to carry.

    Be sure to run 200+ rounds thru it before you carry it. Gun is very tight when new, but after 200 rounds it is great.

    I would recommend going with the 9mm. Lots of recoil with the 40 and 45. IMO the Kahr is just to small and light to handle the larger calibers.

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    I'd say go for the Kahr. I had a Taurus 92 series. Trigger-bar failed and the manufacturer took care of it with no problem. That said, I didn't carry it long before switching. It's huge, though not real heavy for a full-size automatic... not much more concealable than a Remington 870. ;-)

    And the trigger was atrocious!

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    Nothing wrong with 9mm's, but don't rule out the .40 or .45. I've shot all 3 of these calibers in the Kahr lineup, and even the big bores are very manageable. Not as docile as the 9 for sure, but in my opinion anyway, Kahr has done a great job of taming the big boys. If you can, shoot all 3 before making your decision.

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    Another PT92 owner here: and no, I would never cc the 92. It's not that the barrel is too long, or the handle too tall, it the width (with the double-stack mag) that just kills it.

    I carry a 5" 1911 and it is worlds easier to carry than the 92.

    But yeah, as the others have said; It's a great range gun. It always goes Bang when you want it to; never when you don't, and little black X's fear me.

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    I carry a Kahr PM40, when I'm not carrying a Taurus PT1911.

    The PM40 is far more comfortable AND more easily concealable, and .40 is a decent caliber.

    (are they making a PM45 yet?)

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    I hope I don't throw a wet blanket here, but...
    My good friend has carried a .45 Khar for a few years. He shoots it a couple a time a week, maybe 2K rounds a year. Well, he bought it new in 2004 and just after the holidays he told me that the Khar had given up the ghost. It was getting really wild and loose. His smith told him to re-barrel the gun - That's less than 8K to wear out a barrel! IMO, the barrel should last upwards of 40K at least. My friend is looking at a Commander(at my prodding of course)
    He's not very happy with Khar.

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    I have a Taurus PT145 and a Kahr CW9. I agree that the higher capacity is a plus, but the CW9 is way lighter (15oz) and thinner. I paid about 390.00 at a gun show for the Kahr. Also got a promag 8rnd clip for it from Midway for 18.00
    In addition, I just started using a tuckable IWB holster and even in a nice dress shirt, the CW9 is nearly invisible.
    I would consider the new CW45 for the extra punch (less rounds tho, 6+1)

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    Having read the responses ( at least at a skim level ) i too say kahr . More ammo in the gun is way overrated unless and untill you choose to build a " miss factor " into your carry .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
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    Another vote for Kahr. If you're willing to try a P92 then take a look at the TP45. It's 1911 capacity and real thin. Or the CW45/40/9 which would be more concealable. Great guns.
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    I prefer Kahr steel-framed models, but given the choice between the two pistols mentioned...the CW9 seems heads-&-shoulders above the P92.
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    I'd go with the 9mm. With the right round, it will handle any situation. Practice ammo is a lot cheaper. You will be on the second shot faster.
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    +1 for Kahr..again

    Another vote for Kahr. In terms of caliber I always say try out the gun in the various calibers yourself if possible. There are a lot of fine .45 caliber handguns out there so no sense in shying away from it just because you're unfamiliar. On the other hand you don't want to purchase a firearm that you're uncomfortable firing.

    Assuming you can't give all the calibers a whirl for first-hand experience, I'd guess that the 9mm is what's right for you. I personally prefer the .45 but you should use what you're familiar and comfortable with. It was also noted that 9mm rounds are considerably cheaper which may allow you to practice more.

    Whatever you decide to go with, enjoy it and use what you're comfortable with!
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