Help me Choose Taurus 92 or a Kahr CW Series

Help me Choose Taurus 92 or a Kahr CW Series

This is a discussion on Help me Choose Taurus 92 or a Kahr CW Series within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I spotted a few new pistols at a local pawnshop today and was wanting some input on which would be the best to buy first. ...

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Thread: Help me Choose Taurus 92 or a Kahr CW Series

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    Question Help me Choose Taurus 92 or a Kahr CW Series

    I spotted a few new pistols at a local pawnshop today and was wanting some input on which would be the best to buy first.
    The Taurus 92 Model: 92SS-17
    Caliber: 9 mm a caliber I'm very familiar with
    Capacity: 17+1 great capacity much better than a Kahr
    Barrel Length: 5" kinda big for CCW but better accuracy
    Action: SA/DA familiar action for me
    Finish: Stainless Steel looks awesome and less maintenance
    Grips: Checkered Rubber probably swap these for better set
    Weight: 34 oz. not sure if this is heavy for a CCW gun
    Construction: Steel/Alloy
    Frame: Large
    Front Sight: Fixed- 1 Dot don't really like these I'd change 'em soon
    Trigger Type: Smooth
    Length: 0 doesn't help much here not sure lenght
    Width: 1.606"
    Height: 5.543" again this might be hard to hide
    Rate of Twist: 1:9.84"
    Grooves: 6
    MSRP: $559.00 Shop price was (I think) $480

    Kahr CW series in 3 calibers all were at the shop
    Model: CW9 CW40 CW45
    Caliber: 9 40 45
    Capacity: 7+1 6+1 6+1
    Barrel Length: 3.6" 3.6" 3.84"
    Finish: Matte stainless slide all 3
    Grips: Textured Polymer all 3
    Weight: 15.8oz 16.8oz 19.2oz
    Frame: Black Polymer all 3
    Front Sight: pinned in polymer front sight
    Trigger Type: ?? ?? ??
    Length: 5.9" 6.36" 6.32"
    Width: .90" .94" 1.01"
    Height: 4.5" 4.62" 4.8"
    Price in shop $329 $329 $349
    On the prices I'm pretty sure they're right if not they're close.

    Right now I'm leaning toward the Taurus mostly on capacity, finish, all stainless, it just looks good not to mention if I run dry it can be used as a club in a last ditch effort if needed. The Kahr's look very easy to hide on my 5'6" tall 130lbs body but I know next to nothing about them. They look nowhere near as nice as the 92 but looks don't save your life, much lower capacity but more than my S&W 642revolver. Just need to know what you guys think please give any pluses and minuses of each, as always I appreciate your thoughts.
    Thanks in Advance

    Oh I should also mention another shop has Millenium Pro Taurus' in 9mm, .40, and .45s all with stainless slides every modal was $329 regardless of caliber and all have higher capacity mags than the Kahrs, also not sure of their dependability.
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    You will not be happy with the Taurus as a CCW, its just to bulky.
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    I have the Kahr CW9 and I really like it. It is about the smallest 9mm on the market and mine has performed flawlessly. My father-in-law has the Taurus Millenium Pro 9mm and while it is pretty nice I would take the Kahr over it anyday. I don't care for the Milleniums sights or the trigger, but that is my opinion. I am also not a big fan of a safety on a CCW gun. I don't know much about the other Taurus you were looking at but that is an aweful big gun for everyday CCW carry.

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    I have a CW9, and think it's great. Very easy to carry down here in the gulf coast heat and humidity. It's my EDC, with a couple of extra mags I am happy with the capacity. I had to run about 500 rounds thru it to break it in. A few FTF during the first 50-75 rounds, but it's been flawless ever since. New Kahrs seem to be very tight, but loosen up quickly. Prices vary by location, but I got my CW9 for $399 new, about 6 months ago.

    I agree with Sixto, the Taurus is too big for a CCW.
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    My BUG is a CW9, and it is a fantastic sidearm. Another vote for Kahr.
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    I have the CW-40, great accuracy and the best DAO trigger of any I have tried.

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    I have several Taurus 92/99's. I enjoy them at the range and as home defense guns. I recently got my ccw - and I am sure I won't be using a Taurus 92/99-- too big/bulky, even on my 6'/240 lb. frame. I'll be going with a small frame S&W revolver (642 or 340 M&P)

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    +1 on the Kahr. I have a CW9 and it is so slim and light you can almost forget you are wearing it. I also carry at different times a CZ75 or a Sigma 40VE, two full size weapons. There is a big difference in comfort level. Go with the Kahr.

    Capacity wise with the 9mm I have one in the pipe and either seven or eight in the inserted magazine depending on which of my two magazines is playing backup. That's a total of 16 rounds. Not too shabby. I would avoid the .40 or .45 caliber in the Kahr. They are a little too much for such a light weapon.

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    Years ago I owned a Taurus 92. This was the older model without the decocker. I never had a lick of trouble out of mine, but I have heard they have had some quality control issues in the past. That being said, unless you are close to my size (6'04"/300) it might be a little challenging to conceal. If you are only going to have one carry gun, I would go with a compact. Even as big as I am there are times when a full size just doesn't work for me.
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    I also have the CW9, and it has now become my edc. Mine feeds fmj, jhp, and lrn reloads with no problems. I have about 500 rnds through mine and have not had any ftf, fte, or anything wrong. The doa trigger pull is a little long, but very predicable, and very smooth. I also carry two extra mags.
    My wife wants to go to the range on Friday to try it out. If she likes it, then I guess we'll have two of them.

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    CW9 is the way to go out the the two. You be much more happy with the kahr for carry.

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    Kahr CW9. It's a great gun and those are good prices.
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    I have a PT92 and really like it but I don't carry it as a CCW.

    It's just to big, get the Kahr
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    The Kahrs are $100. more here. Get one of them.

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    Those are fantastic prices on the Kahr guns. People's needs and preferences vary greatly. I'm a big fan of the Kahr. I'm inclined to believe it is the best carry gun available, at least in terms of what I want in a carry gun.

    The PT92 would be among my very last choices as a carry gun. In other words, I'd carry one only if I had to.

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