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So i see plenty of what TO buy here...

This is a discussion on So i see plenty of what TO buy here... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I agree with the others who say stick with the name brands. It just takes time and money and time from your training schedule, etc. ...

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Thread: So i see plenty of what TO buy here...

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    I agree with the others who say stick with the name brands. It just takes time and money and time from your training schedule, etc. trying to have extended "break ins" and polish jobs, etc. Look at Glock, SIG, HK, RUGER, S&W and the like. The other brands are not necessarily bad just not the reputation for reliability consistently out of the box. There is a reason they are "name brands" they have earned. Just go find one that fits your budget hands and wearability.
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    Tough question. I think the majority of 'what to buys' come from people asking what fits their criteria. Even your followup is sounding like that: "I have large hands, So a larger frame handgun is probably going to fit me best, whatever I purchase It'll need to be comfortable..."

    I'm tall, skinny, and although I can manage a number of what I've got, I'm currently finding even a P11 to be annoying to carry, sending me once again into a corner of criteria. Sure, a 1911 might be the perfect carry for many people, but my criteria I'm currently looking for say otherwise!

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    Just my 2 cents and a lesson. I have an old love of mine I retired - a aluminum framed Combat Commander. It has too much sentimental value to be carried every day. So I was looking for a replacement and my son recommended the Springfield XD 45 compact. Everything you read on this gun is fantastic so I bought it blindly without shooting one. The range did not have one. It was not a mistake but it was costly to make this gun mine. After a trigger job, Meprolight sights, doing a short reset on the trigger and smoothing the trigger face all is well. But that cost me $350 more on top of the cost of the gun. Now I have almost $900 in the gun. Learn a lesson from an old man. But I got my double stack, railed .45. And she does her job well.
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    Hard to beat a S&W J-frame or Ruger SP101. Millions (and millions) of GLOCK fans can't all be wrong. Springfield, Smith & Ruger build quality autoloaders across the board. And the 1911, in almost all derivations, is worth a look. Just carry at least a 9mm or .38 spl. (I'm not sure on the new .327 mag). Walther, Sig, Kahr and even (gulp) Taurus have faithful followers.

    Do some gun-forum searches about Customer Service. To me, a juicy warranty is WORTHLESS...if I have to USE it all the time. Don't be fooled, quality ALWAYS costs money. I would just rather spend it up-front than on the shipping for repeated trips back to the factory so my pistol will run! Enjoy shopping!
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    All of the gun's I've owned over the years have been very good, some more than others. Personally, I believe you need to be able to practice with your guns to really become proficient with each.

    That being said, the only one that I had issues with was the S&W 360 AirLite, because it was sooooo light that it hurt my hands to practice with it. It would have made a great backup gun, but I still would not have been able to practice enough with it to make it a really good carry gun.
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    Some folks when looking for a CCW tend to get a little tunnel vision. Often it's about size. They think that since it has to be hidden, it has to be small. But some small guns aren't at all fun to shoot so they end up not being practiced with!

    Whatever gun you choose, get one you love to shoot! You can find a way to carry almost any handgun comfortably but you can't make a handgun shoot well that you don't practice with.

    My favorite CCW is a Commander sized 1911.
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