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Para Ordnance...

This is a discussion on Para Ordnance... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a question about the high capacity 1911s that Para makes. Anyone have any reliability or accuracy information that they would like to share? ...

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Thread: Para Ordnance...

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    Para Ordnance...

    I have a question about the high capacity 1911s that Para makes. Anyone have any reliability or accuracy information that they would like to share? LDA or SA, I would like to hear what everyone has to say.

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    The LDA pistol my girlfriend owned seems to be accurate, however the buyer (a friend ) ran into some issues with the slide stop falling out on it's own. The LDA system seems overly complex for what you get in return.
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    I shoot a Para P16 Limited for IPSC matches. It's a 5 inch, 40 cal single action pistol. Its accurate, reliable, and has never given me a single problem. I believe that there are higher quality pistols (STI's, Infinities, etc.), but for the money I was willing to spend when I bought it, I couldn't beat it. One thing you need to know though. While most Para parts are common 1911 parts, a couple are not. The ones that are specific to Para's (extractor, trigger, etc) are often difficult to find via after market channels, and expensive. I've been nothing but pleased with mine, and would recommend them. I would also look into STI guns as well, specifically the VIP model if you're looking for a small hi-cap single action.

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    They have Q/C and customer service issues
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    I loved my LDA 12.45. Very accurate and I could shoot a triple tap accurately with it. The LDA trigger was just wonderful. The only drawback for me was its weight.
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    I love all three of mine. They always work.

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    I recently purchased a single stack LDA- the CCO. 120 rounds of many different types through it so far, zero problems. The new ones come with a lifetime warranty for the original owner. Hopefully won't have to use it, but there are a lot of little parts in there. When I detail stripped it to clean the factory grease and oil out I was happy with the fit and finish on everything.
    The mags for the hi-caps are fairly expensive if that's a factor.
    Although I don't have much range time with it yet the accuracy is about the same as my Kimber UC, which is what I was expecting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    They have Q/C and customer service issues

    They're a DREAM to work with first of they're uber nice and second I have more than one of them and they are the best shooting guns I've ever laid a hand on.

    The LDA's are the most incredible trigger.

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    I own a single stack LDA model, the CCW. It had feeding and ejecting problems from day one, but I liked it so much I kept it and tried to troubleshoot the problem myself.

    Well, we're all busy guys. Time slipped by, 3 years later I finally got irritated and emailed Para about it. I sent it back to them, and a week to the day later they returned it with a work order explaining what they had done. It now shoots perfectly, and still as accurate as ever. If only I had sent it back to them right away instead of sitting on my hands...

    The trigger is the best I've ever felt (of course I have no where near the experience some others do on this board), very accurate, and I love to carry it. This was my personal test for Para, and they passed with flying colors. Because of my experience with them my next purchase will be another Para (got my eyes on a slim-hawg).

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    I have a Para 18.9 LDA. Absolutely love the LDA trigger and I think the accuracy is second to none.

    I did acquire mine used so I don't know how many rounds were through it but it did come with an extraction issue. While I have "heard" of customer service issues when I dealt with them 6 months ago I had no problems at all.
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    Have a Para CCO with close to 1000rds thru it, the only* "problem" I had was mag related. The "problem" mag has been relegated to range use only and have had zero issue otherwise. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase another Para and one of the company rep's frequents

    *edit: I take that back, I had one other problem with the CCO and that was the fact that it doesn't like Rem UMC ammo.
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    I have several Para pistols. The WartHawg has been trouble free from day one. IMG][/IMG] I picked up the P14-40 used and the rear sights was loose, I had night sights installed and that was that. I got the stainless LTC , it had a problem feeding at first. A trip to the pistolsmith took care of that, it need the feed ramp aligned and polished up. After a bit of custom work it's a great carry.

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    I picked up a new "Slim Hawg" in January. At round #78, the extractor hook broke. Was back to the factory and back in my hands in two weeks, along with a check for the shipping costs I had. Been great ever since. I'd have no problems with buying another.
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    I know a friend of mine had a Para .40 cal that went through at least 40,000 rounds before he finally retired it and had an STI built. He used the gun to get his "M" card in IPSC and rewarded himself with the STI Edge, which took him to his "G" card. During that time, I never saw the Para fail or hiccup, not once.

    I know when I can I want to purchase a "gun rights" model as opportunity allows....
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    Para Warthog

    I have 2 a LTC and a P12.
    I think they are a great pistol. Have never had a problem with either one.

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